Is Astrology Important for a Matrimonial Relationship?

matromony relationship

Anyone steeped in ancient tradition will only be giving a resounding ‘Yes’ as an answer to this question. For, Astrology means so much to any traditional society.  

What is Astrology?

Our ancients were following the movements of the heavenly bodies and, through close observations and painstaking calculations, concluded that these celestial entities like the stars and planets exercise a strong influence on the lives of the people on earth. And that the study of their placement and movements can help understand a person’s characteristics, future, and fortunes. They gradually developed this into a well–respected science and a reliable system, known as Astrology.     

For, Astrology has remained an integral part of many civilizations and cultures and hence, has been playing a very significant role in all the highly important activities of life, like marriage.    

What is the Significance of Marriage?

Marriage is essentially the coming together of two hearts. It even marks the beginning of a new chapter in life, as two individuals, even virtual strangers till that point of time, decide to unite the rest of their lives together for a life-long companionship based on love and mutual trust. This may require many sacrifices, compromises, and adjustments from both the partners, which in many cases they are willing to do for the sake of the good of the marital bond.

This is why our ancients attached tremendous importance to the institution of marriage. Holding it as a sacred bond for a lifetime, they wanted to make sure that the prospective life-partners were suitable to each other before proceeding to unite them in the matrimonial relationship. And they regarded the ancient astrological system as perhaps the most effective tool to achieve this purpose.         

What is the Role of Astrology in Marriage?     

If there can be a single factor that can make a marriage successful, it can only be the compatibility between the two partners. And it is here that astrology plays a vital role, where it takes into account the characteristic traits of the prospective bride and groom individually and assesses their compatibility in a life of togetherness. This is done by the study of their natal charts, that is, the horoscopes or Kundali, matching them, and thus working out their overall compatibility score. This matching of the horoscopes for arriving at the marital compatibility between a boy and girl is known as Guna Milan, the matching of the characteristics or traits.          

For this purpose, the Gunas or the qualities are taken to be 36 in number. While it is ideal that all these 36 qualities match for a boy and girl, such a scenario will generally be too perfect to be true and unlikely to happen in reality. So, while the more the qualities match, the better it is for the prospective spouses and their marriage, it is held as essential that at least half the number of qualities, that is, at least 18 Gunas match for a marriage to be healthy, happy, and long-lasting.      

Further, a few among these qualities hold immense significance in the Guna Milan process, and hence their meeting and matching are also regarded absolutely essential in the matching of the horoscopes.     

What Doshas, the Astrological Afflictions, Mean?

The structure of a person’s horoscope and the placement of certain planets in it may give rise to some adverse results. These are generally known as Doshas or afflictions. Of these, ‘Mangal Dosha,’ the Mars affliction is regarded particularly detrimental for a happy marriage. Besides, people are required to be cautious regarding afflictions like Rahu Dosha and Sarpa Dosha, too. 

The study of the horoscopes of the boy and girl will also take these Doshas into account while arriving at their compatibility and suitability to get united as husband and wife.     

In such cases, astrology also suggests remedies to be performed for clearing or minimizing their adverse effects so as to facilitate a compatible marriage.    

It is possible that marriages are made in heaven, as it is widely believed. Even so, it is obvious that they need to go through many such processes sanctioned by astrological science to fructify and blossom into fruitful partnerships. This highlights, in no uncertain terms, the importance that astrology wields in a matrimonial relationship.   

Why Online Astrology Matters?

The advancement in technology has now resulted in this ancient science, too, turning tech-savvy. This has given rise to many Astrological Websites, where people can have the facility of consulting and getting advice from expert astrologers online, from the comfort of their homes. These online astrologers provide facilities where people can talk to astrologers over the phone or via Skype or through other means, clear their doubts, and make decisions on their future. 

With the availability of astrologers online, the interested can talk to best astrologer of their choice, get the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom matched by online astrologers, and proceed with the marriage with confidence and peace. 

Trust, the interested will avail the benefit of astrology for a purposeful and lasting matrimonial relationship.

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