How to use Twitter and increase your followers


In today’s world, social media plays a massive role in our daily activities. For a long period, it would be challenging to communicate with people in the earlier days, and carrying telephones everywhere was not a viable option. From 2005 onwards, through the introduction of new applications like Facebook, Orkut, and Twitter, everything changed.

Speaking of such apps, Twitter has been around for an extended period and doesn’t seem to stop. To this day, it remains one of the most used applications in the world daily. Close to 65% of the world’s population are Twitter users.

Using Twitter is very simple. You can write your thoughts in the form of a post and share them among your friends and followers. Attaching pictures, commenting on other tweets, and retweeting another tweet are some of the standard features of Twitter.

We don’t realize that Twitter also helps us find out all the current affairs of the world. Often if a major event is taking place globally, there is a hashtag related to it that is trending on Twitter, a typical example being “#USElections.”

One of the other things to focus on when it comes to Twitter is getting likes on your tweets. Now one may ask, what are the simplest ways to get likes on tweets? Here are a few factors to help the beginners out.


  • User Engagement – Now that you are new to Twitter, you must learn how to get more followers and likes on your account and tweets, and one thing to keep in mind here is user engagement. Engaging with your followers will convince them that you are approachable and that you are active on the app, which leads them to look more into your account and tweets.


  • Posting regularly – To keep up with your followers, you must post more frequently. The more your tweets, the more retweets you may have, which will eventually attract a more significant number of people to your account. This increases your chances of getting more likes on your account.


  • Retweeting – one of the most common features of Twitter is the retweet. It is a similar way of sharing another tweet. When a user likes a tweet and wants to share it, they can choose to retweet the tweet and come up on their wall. The more are the retweets on your account, the more likely you are to be discovered by more users.


  • Buying Twitter Likes – To buy Twitter likes is also considered to be a viable option. Often it may be a lengthy task to form a following on Twitter, and buying Twitter likes from trusted websites like SocialGreg is a simple, easy, and efficient way of getting more likes on your account without any trouble. These websites will have several offers, and you can choose to buy that deal which would be ideal for your account.

Twitter does not aim to stop ruling the social media world and get better and better. This brings about the question, are you on Twitter yet?


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