How To Use A Saliva Drug Test Kit? How To Pass This Test?


If you are in the workplace or applying for a new job, knowing about drug tests is important. Not all employers screen for drugs, but many do. A saliva drug test is the most popular way to test someone’s system for drugs because it doesn’t require a urine sample. This article will show you exactly how to pass a 6 panel saliva drug test!

An Introduction To Saliva Drug Test Kits 

The most common type of drug testing in professional settings is a saliva test kit. Saliva tests are cheap and can be administered quickly without much on-site personnel, making them perfect for workplace screenings. In addition, saliva tests detect usage in the past few days and not months, making them a very popular option over urine or blood tests. This type of test is common in professional sports but is sometimes used for random drug testing.

How A Saliva Drug Test Works?

The saliva test works by collecting a small sample of saliva that is then tested for the presence of drugs. These types of tests are usually administered by placing a swab under your tongue and having you hold it there for roughly 10 to 15 minutes. The swab will be analyzed and tested immediately or afterward to determine if drugs are present. If the test kit detects narcotics, you will either be sent home or fired based on company policy.

How to use a saliva drug test kit?

The first step of using a saliva drug test is ensuring you have the right one. This can be determined by checking the kit for a toll-free number to the lab where the test will be conducted. If no number is present, it may not be a high-quality kit and will likely not help you pass. The next step is to take your kit home and follow the instructions. Most saliva drug tests require you to drool into a cup for at least 10 minutes, then put a swab in your mouth and hold it there for another 15 minutes before spitting it out. This can be difficult and sometimes require distraction, such as eating candy or sucking on a lollipop. The next step is to send the sample in for analysis.

The Cost of Drug Tests 

Most employers or screening systems can purchase saliva tests for a low cost. The cost of the saliva drug testing kits ranges from $30-$150 from a company like Quest Diagnostics, with the prices going down. Saliva tests are especially convenient for employers because they can be administered non-intrusively in minutes. Also, companies that use saliva tests see an increase in random drug testing since it is not as invasive as a urine test and can be performed by anyone with a swab to collect the sample.

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test?

Step #1: Avoid drugs 4-5 days before the test. This will ensure that there are no traces of drugs left in your system. Also, avoid any prescription or over-the-counter medication containing traces of certain drugs.

Step #2: Refrain from eating foods such as poppy seeds, parsley, and chocolate 24 hours before the test. These products can cause false-positive results for opiates in saliva tests.

Step #3: Because caffeine can stay in your system for over 24 hours, avoid coffee or any other source of caffeine for a full day before the test. This includes energy drinks, tea, and even chocolate.

Step #4: Flush your system out with water. Drink at least 3-4 glasses of water the day of the test, but in general, the more water you drink, the better. Water will leave your system faster than most other liquids and help you pass a saliva drug test.

Step #5: Urinate frequently before your drug test. A common misconception is that holding in urine can help you pass a urine test because it dilutes your sample; however, this is not true for saliva tests. In addition, urinating frequently will flush out any traces of drugs or medications that may be present in your system.

Passing a saliva drug test isn’t too difficult when following these simple steps. Just ensure you are clean in the days before the test, and you will pass. Also, if you know someone who will be tested for illicit substances, please pass this information on to them so they can beat the test!


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