How to Process a Road Tax Renewal

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Renewing your road tax in Singapore is essential to avoid incurring costly fines. The majority of these tax funds go to transport infrastructure building, personnel salaries, maintenance fees, and more. Considering that it is illegal to drive without renewing your road tax first, you should always have it under control. This straightforward guide will help you process your road tax renewal with minimal effort, so keep reading.

Initial Road Tax for New Vehicle Owners

If you are currently planning to get a new vehicle, you might be wondering how the road tax will apply during such a situation. Most car dealers include the car road tax in the total cost price. To verify that your dealer did this, you can check if the tax is present in the receipt that you’ll get.

What if you want to purchase a used vehicle instead? Used vehicle sellers usually pay for the initial road tax before transferring cars to their new owners. Regardless of which you opt for, keeping your road tax in check is essential.

Road Tax Renewal Requirements

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) requires car owners to sort out various prerequisites before paying for road tax. By not keeping these requirements in mind, you’ll make the renewal process more complicated than it should be. These are the requirements for renewal road tax:

  • Vehicle insurance coverage
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Clearance of outstanding fees from the HDB, URA, TP, and LTA
  • Number plate inspection (for Weekend Cars, Off-Peak Cars, and Revised Off-Peak Cars)
  • Vehicle Parking Certificate (VPC) for heavy vehicles

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How to Process a Road Tax Renewal

Once you have all requirements sorted out, you can then bring these documents to the nearest road tax collection centre. You can pay for road tax renewal by either cash or cheque. For those who want to check their tax renewal fee, you can do so by entering your Vehicle Registration Number.



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