How to prepare for the PMP exam in 30 days

Probably one of the biggest questions that arise in the mind of an aspirant while preparing for PMP exams is ‘How to pass the exam in a short span of time?’, so here we have discussed some methods and tricks, based on preparation techniques adopted candidates who have cleared the exam in the given duration of 30 days. However, a pre-requisite needed for cracking the exam in 30 days is the 35-hour contact preparation course. To crack PMP one needs to join the PMI, which will make it easier for the candidate to download the PMBOK guide for free, in addition to that the candidates joining PMI also receive a discount on the PMP Exam. As you have 30 days in your hand, it would be best if you devise those days into parts, each part specified for reading a certain course material or say a chapter. Let us take weeks as our said ‘parts,’ so you divided the 30 days into four parts. 

The study format: 

In week one, you need to focus on the main domains that have been provided in the PMBOK guide. Try grinding the information provided so that minute details won’t bother you while doing questions. Focus on roster, cost, scope, and integration. After completing a chapter, practicing some questions is recommended. After the end of the first week, do attend a mock test, evaluate yourself in week 2, read the remaining part of the PMBOK, or any guide book you are following. Focus on risk, quality, resources, communications, and stakeholders. Practicing more question sets is recommended. At the end of the second week, do attempt two more mock tests. Self-analysis with your previous week’s scores enables in knowing your current standard, in weeks 3-4, address your weak areas, if any, or any parts you have left in those previous weeks. Look at the first three chapters of the book once again and revise them thoroughly. Do give special attention to the Roles of PM, Types of Matrix, PMO, Agile concepts, Professional conduct. 

The best way to succeed however, in popular opinion is by feeling/getting affluent with the PMP exam format. One should have a look at the PMBOK Guide to form an outlook of the content that he/she is going to face in the exam. There are online resources such as ExamsPM to clarify the interpretation. The online sources provide one thing that PMBOK Guide lacks, i.e., practice questions. As there might be a hindrance to first-timer candidates while they accustom themselves to the format, to avoid this difficulty, mock exams and practice questions provide an aid. The key lies in practice, as you practice more, you equip yourselves better to pass the exam. Practicing questions instill a sense of confidence in the candidate. Also, knowing what to avoid is art. 

Internet might be tempting you to research better and dig deeper, but this may ultimately affirm you back, the reason being the low-quality questions provided in these, so one can naturally score high, and this can give you false confidence. So choosing high-quality material rather than the various questionable ones is crucial. Now comes the question, ‘How to study the PMBOK Guide?’ Well, you need to spend at least 2-3 hours on a chapter in a given day. Reading the book, more than once, certainly gives you an edge. Candidates are advised to focus on Inputs, tools, techniques and productions, process definitions, definitions mentioned in the glossary. Lastly, it is highly recommended, or one can say, it is a must to read the PMBOK guide to accentuate and comprehend the significant points. How to know or analyze if you are exam ready or not, a candidate who can consistently score more than 70-80% in mock exams will have fewer difficulties in giving the PMP exam. 

So, it is recommended that you practice well. Remember, a candidate has three chances in a year or period of eligibility, so try not to schedule your exam in 1 month, in the first attempt it is recommended to take time and be familiar with the exam pattern first. The remainder of the factors rests on the shoulder of the candidate itself, who should take the right actions in order to make it a possibility to crack the exam in 30 days.

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