How to Find the Right Financial Tools for Your Needs

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Financial tools are a mainstay in the back pockets of investors, consumers, and business owners. Financial products come in a range of options and are tailored to fit virtually any need that may arise in life. Banks, e-commerce retailers, lenders, and more have created a vast network of options for all use cases, and leveraging the financial tools that will make the greatest impact in your life isn’t just something that’s helpful, it’s downright essential to research and utilize these valued added options.

Yet finding tools that can make a difference in your life isn’t always easy. With this list of some of the most important, getting acquainted with a brighter financial future starts here.

Investment platforms are for everyone these days.

There has been a surge in retail investing in recent years as more and more platforms adopt a low- or no-fee trading structure. Spurred on by the entrance of Robinhood, financial services in the investment space have transformed and become far friendlier to investors who aren’t touting multi-million dollar portfolios.

Brokers are now far more approachable for new and inexperienced investors, with the near-elimination of commission charges on trades. Finding a broker is all about understanding your personal needs in the market. Reading a Questrade review is the best way to start thinking through your needs and all that a broker can provide for you and your personal investment needs. Questrade is one of many solutions for investors looking for an intuitive broker that can help them engage with individual stocks, CFDs, ETFs, and more. Reading reviews on Morningstar, Wealth Rocket, and Nerd Wallet offers a great knowledge edge to U.S. and Canadian investors looking for a new beginning in their journey to financial independence.

Businesses need a financial partner they can trust.


Financial tools for businesses are gaining serious traction in today’s world. Business suites are incorporating financial close automation processes, external accounting and auditing firms, and even professional marketing teams into their regiment for the greatest possible growth. Close automation is an important process for businesses in today’s fast-paced world. With the shift to online retail gaining a unique rapidity as a result of coronavirus lockdown and work from home measures, financial data is being stored in a variety of different locations, formats, and mediums. With automated financial close products, making sense of your bottom line is as easy as ever, even with this change in scenery and the collaboration headache that comes with it.

Savers are taking advantage of new, online bank models.


The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t only affected businesses though. Consumers are turning to a digital model for banking in greater numbers too. Online banking has been growing in popularity for years, and by cutting the cord and going fully digital, savers and consumers are able to gain access to better interest rates on their savings accounts and a greater depth of customer service. By forgoing the expense of a brick-and-mortar location, banks are able to offer tailored services and a better overall customer experience within the framework of services that they do provide.

For the most part, digital-only banks offer the exact same services (often many more, in fact) that brick-and-mortar banks have always provided to their clients. Yet, without the expense and bulky overheads that come with physical locations, online providers can focus on the products and services that consumers actually want in a bank.

With these new financial tools in your belt, making sense of the world around you and gaining greater financial independence has never been easier. Take advantage of the modern incarnation of personal and business finance today.


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