How to Earn Money from Cryptocurrency?


There are many different crypto earn options available on crypto platforms. Some of them require in-depth knowledge of the market and are risky, while others are less risky and allow earning crypto passively.

Here are the most often-used ways to earn crypto:

  • trading digital assets using different strategies and tools;
  • buying crypto and holding it;
  • cryptocurrency staking.

How to Earn Cryptocurrency while Taking the Minimum Risk?

The “buy and hold” trading strategy and cryptocurrency staking are the less stressful methods to make money on the crypto market. When you buy digital assets in the long term, you don’t have to keep track of every single market fluctuation; instead, you are waiting for the next bull market trend and sell your coins at a much higher price, thus, making a fortune.

Another way is staking. It is also buying and holding crypto without selling it, but it also allows you to earn passive income. How does it work?

How to Earn Crypto by Staking?

Suppose you have some coins and want to generate a passive income. You can put your coins on staking. Notice that not all digital assets are suitable for staking. Pick the most liquid assets that are ranged in the top 10. All the matter is in price volatility. You take less risk by picking a reliable crypto coin that has established itself in the market. Thus even if the market changes, your assets will not lose much value. And on the contrary, when you pick highly volatile crypto, its price can dramatically drop, so your losses will exceed your passive income.

To start staking, register on the WhiteBIT exchange and move coins to the main account. Then pick a staking plan. It may be one of 40 available programs that vary by underlying assets and locking period. The longer period you pick, the bigger rewards you will get. However, it is better to begin with the smallest 10-day staking and increase it over time, along with getting experience in staking. Once the cryptocurrency staking plan expires, you receive initial investments back and additional coins accrued for holding your coins on the platform.


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