How To Design Reconfigurable Modular Exhibition Stand?

Modular Exhibition Stand
Modular Exhibition Stand

If you have ever participated in the trade show, then you must know that the trade show participation requires your precious time, money and efforts. The business owners who want to participate in different trade shows every year should invest in the perfect exhibition stand that is reusable and re-configurable. 

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The best way to design and build a perfect booth that can help you to achieve your objectives in the trade show is to hire the professionals. The reputable exhibition stand designers and builders not just help in building a good looking and sturdy booth, but they also help to save money. The professional designers have direct contact with the suppliers and they purchase the raw material in bulk. 

Therefore, they get the essential items at the low price. Ultimately, the cost of constructing your booth is very low. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks to design reconfigurable modular exhibition system:

1. Create The Perfect Layout 

If you are planning to participate in various trade shows, then there is a huge probability that the allocated spaces for the trade booth in different trade shows are different. Thus, it becomes quite difficult to use the same size booth in the different spaces. The reconfigurable layout of your modular trade booth let you use your same booth in enormous shows. 

The reconfigurable structure let you re-adjust your booth according to the allocated dimensions.  Make sure that the exhibition stand designing professionals have good knowledge of layout and orientation so that he can build the perfect trade booth.  

When you hire the professional, then you should discuss the size range that varies from one exhibition to another. You should discuss each and every detail that you want in your modular display systems so that you get the desired results. 

2. Examine The Elements 

Some elements in the exhibition stand will remain for different exhibitions or trade shows such as lighting fixtures, display screen, interactive gadgets, etc. On the other hand, you have to change some elements of your exhibition stand in each show so that your booth looks like a new one such as a graphic display. Thus, it is recommended that you should examine each and every element of your trade booth. 

You should tell your exhibition stand designers that you need some scalable elements and some should be fixed. In order to choose the right elements for different trade shows, you should consider the key features of different elements. Also, you should consider the basic needs and requirements. 

3. Consider The Future Updates 

While designing your exhibition stand, you should always consider the future updates. Make sure that the modular exhibition stand is built in such a way that it can easily accommodate the future needs and demands. Your modular exhibition stand should be constructed in such a way that it can be upgraded as per the future needs of the exhibitors. 

The trade booth is one of the biggest investments. If you are not able to use your booth again and again in different shows, then it is quite expensive for you to participate in various trade shows.  If your modular exhibition stand allows updating, then it ensures the versatility and long lifespan. 

4. Save Money With Rentals

The biggest cost saving advantage of the re-configurable exhibition stand is that you can use your booth for the rental purpose. The reconfigurable exhibition stand can be easily adjusted in different allocated spaces.  You can earn some money by renting out your booth. 

Another benefit of re-configurable exhibition stands is that you can also save money by taking some parts of your booth on rent. It will let you save money and use different elements in your booth in different trade shows. So, you should look out for a good exhibition stand contractor who can build the reconfigurable promotional display stand for your brand and also provide some money on rental basis. 

5. Packing And Crafting 

Why does packing of your exhibition stand play a vital role? In ideal cases, you will use the various parts of your exhibition stand in all trade shows. Thus, it is imperative that all the pieces, elements and modules of your exhibition stand pack into one case. 

The shipping of all these elements is possible only if they pack in one unit.  Therefore, the packing of the exhibition stand plays a vital role. You should tell your exhibition stand contractor to provide a good storage solution along with your well-designed modular booth. 

Final Words

The reconfigurable exhibition stand needs more strategic designing skills so that your booth can be used in various trade shows and will have less wear and tear. The above-mentioned tips will let you design the perfect reconfigurable exhibition stand to achieve success. 


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