How to curl your hair step by step

How to curl your hair step by step
How to curl your hair step by step


Hair curlers are in high demand all over the world. It is one of the most effective methods when we want to achieve a natural curl. Here are some recommendations on how to curl your hair step by step with a hair curler.

Fashions are changing. A few years ago, the smooth mane set the trend, causing a barrage of sales in hair straighteners. Now curly hair has become the trendiest. 

Before curly hair was repudiated, now everyone who wears smooth manes looks for a way to get some waves in their hair. Everyone wants to wear a different hairstyle. 

However, if you do not have curly hair, getting waves is going to be almost impossible. To curl your hair, you will have to invest a good fortune in going periodically to the hairdresser. But do not worry, there is a wonderful device called “hair curler” to avoid excessive expenses and create your waves from the comfort of your home. 

If you want to show off spectacular curls, you must have the best material to get them. There are many types of hair rollers on the market with incredible discounts. Before you buy them, you need to know their specifications. 

How to choose the best hair curler

The offer of this type of tool is very wide. You probably encounter several quality models and do not know which one to choose. Before buying a hair curler, you should evaluate all the factors to choose best option for you: 

The materials

Product quality is a fundamental requirement when buying a heat tool. You must make sure that it will not damage your hair and will last intact for many years, offering you the best results. In this sense, in addition to the brand reputation, you must look at the materials. You should make sure it includes titanium, tourmaline, or ceramic, as they are the options that best take care of the hair. 

A hair roller must offer several temperature adjustments so that you can choose according to your hair type. If you have fine hair or have undergone a color treatment, it is not advisable to be exposed to very high temperatures.  

Your hair type and the curls you want to get

When choosing a hair curler, you must take into account your hair type: whether it is thin or resistant if it has volume or is smooth as a board since you will need a different power) as well as the results you are looking for. In this case, you should look at the shape and thickness of the tong or, if you are looking for the greatest versatility, opt for one with several interchangeable heads. 

Types of hair curlers

There is a wide variety of hair roller. To make the best choice, you will have to be clear which one best suit our hair type and the type of curl we want to obtain. There are three types of hair curler:

Hair curler with tweezers

It is the most common type of curler. It has a clip that holds the hair while it heats it, making it easier to operate and keeps your fingers away from the heat of the barrel. It is a good choice if you have no experience with other types of manual hair curlers.


• Its ease of use. By having the clamp, we can keep fixed the lock of hair that we want to curl and pressing with the thumb we gently let go of the hair once it has warmed up.

• Available in a variety of tweezer sizes.


• By holding the lock of hair with the tweezer you can leave a crease marked if we pass in the fastening time.

Hair curler without tweezers

This type of curler needs more practice to handle it and get a good result. It is difficult not to burn our fingers. You have to manually roll the lock of hair on the tweezer. To avoid burns, you should use thermal gloves that protect the hands from heat.


• They can get closer to the root for greater volume, plus they do not leave the crease that can appear with the clamp curler.

• Available in a wide range of tweezer sizes and shapes (very common cone-shaped barrel), allowing us to create a wide variety of curls and waves.


• It may be more difficult to handle.

• If you are a professional hairdresser and you’re going to spend many hours working with these curlers, your finger bones may suffer due to sudden temperature changes.

Automatic hair curler

It is the star product, which allows making waves automatically simply by placing the lock of hair inside the molder, which will roll it up and heat it over time.


• Its ease and speed of use, as it does all the work for us. 


• The type of waves we can achieve is more limited than in manual curlers.

How to curl your hair step by step

To curl hair is one of the most comfortable, easy, and fast ways is to use electric tongs, but it can also be the method that can cause more damage to the hair. Here we show how to curl your hair step by step if you are a beginner. 

To use them properly, make sure that the ends of the hair never touch the hottest part of the tong: roll your hair starting about five centimetres from the ends, so that they are protected within the lock itself.

How to curl your hair step by step

• Apply hair mousse to completely dry hair to make it more manageable and docile.

• Divide the hair into locks, holding it with tweezers. 

• If your hair is unruly, divide it into thin locks; if it is docile, the locks can be thicker.

• Start with the lower layers facing the tops.

• Curl lock by lock, dropping it freely without brushing it to begin curling the next one.

• Do not stay more than thirty seconds in each lock and try to put the tongs at medium temperature.

• When you finish, apply some spray to all your hair.

• Wait a few minutes for the curls to cool and shake your head to spread them.

• Place them with your fingers, with a small brush, or with the pointed end of a stylist comb.


If you want to change your look and be a refreshed woman, try curling your hair. The easiest and safest way to achieve a perfect curl is to use a hair curler

If you do not know how to curl your hair step by step, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Choose the devise that best suits your hair type and the curl you want to achieve. Use this device safely, so you do not damage your hair.


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