How to Build a Fantasy Sports Mobile App Like Dream11?

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So, you have got set to launch your own fantasy sports mobile app. Well, it’s a good chance to form inroads within the fantasy sports market these days by building a well-liked app like Dream11. Building a fantasy app like Dream11 will extremely assist you in whole promotion by reaching a wider pool of consumers. However, beginning a fantasy sports indulgent app development project isn’t a simple task.

To help you out, the article can give you with a close summary of fantasy sports app development – right from market trends, tips & tricks, options to the budget needed to create a fantasy play app.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Well, everyone seems to be precisely attentive to what fantasy sports games are. place it simply- Fantasy sports could be a game that enables on-line users to make their own groups to play and vie with different players in a very virtual league. These groups square measure created on the premise of real-players from the skilled groups, WHO square measure collaborating in several real-world leagues like IPL, CPL, NBA, etc. across the world. The win or loss of those real-world groups (or applied math performance) decides the fate of fantasy players, collaborating in on-line games.

How is it Different from Sports Betting?

Fantasy Sports App: Global Market & Trends

In the recent past, fantasy sports diversion has become vastly widespread among world sports enthusiasts. the world fantasy sports market is predicted to be price USD nine.34 billion by 2024. Use of fantasy sports applications for whole promotion is that the most typical among world businesses these days. This business is prepared to interrupt all the records within the coming years by drawing an outsized range of sports fans by testing their information and prediction skills during a myriad of sports, together with cricket, football, and so on.

People from everywhere the planet these days ar taking elements in numerous on-line sports leagues, conducted over varied fantasy sports applications. Users play, predict and earn on the proper prediction. quite fifty nine million users have vie fantasy sports games till 2017 within the United States of America and North American country alone, that shows the growing quality of fantasy sports. 

Fantasy Sports App Market & Trends: USA

If we tend to remark the United States specifically, fantasy sports initial came into existence during this region in 1952. Till then, its quality has gone therefore high that nowadays there square measure around fifty nine million users of fantasy sport mobile apps within the United States (which is approx twenty first of the whole United States population). That’s not all, the fantasy sports trade within the United States is value eighteen billion USD with 200+ operators. nearly half the United States sports fans play fantasy sports nowadays. 

  • 18 Billion United States of AmericaD is that the size of the US fantasy sports business
  • 59.3 Million may be a range of fantasy sports app users within the United States of America & North American nation.
  • sixty fifth of sports fans within the United States of America play fantasy sports via mobile app.

Fantasy Sports App Market & Trends: India 

In India, the craze and recognition of fantasy sports mobile apps is growing multiple, each passing year. As per stats, eighty nine of the Indian on-line sports players wish to play a fantasy sport a minimum of once, each month. the increase of native sports leagues like Indian Premier League (IPL), Indian Super League (ISL), etc. has conjointly contributed to the best growth of fantasy sports apps in Asian country.

• 67% of the total cricket fans (18 crores approx) in India play fantasy sports via mobile. 

• 1.8 crores are the entire variety of users of fantasy sports app Dream eleven.

• 10% growth rate in the number of users of fantasy sports app in India (from 2016 to 2018)

• 89%   of Indian sports enthusiasts like to play fantasy sports at least once a month.

• 42 minutes is that the average time of Indian users for taking part in on fantasy sports applications.

What is Dream11? 

Dream11 is one amongst the fastest-growing fantasy sports applications within the world with an enormous client base of twenty million+ users. This app has managed to beat all its rivals within the sports genre of mobile applications – all because of the unequalled appreciation that it received from international sports loves & enthusiasts. This fantasy mobile app offers an opportunity to pick real players to users in their dream team then play against alternative players to win real cash and exciting money prizes. The app started with Cricket, being the sole fantasy game, however currently it enlarged its portfolio with alternative sports like Basketball, Hockey, Football, etc.

So, you want to be inquisitive why invest your hard-earned cash in building Associate in Nursing on-demand app like Dream11? 

Besides this, a fantasy sports app is to boot an honest start-up idea; you may improve your whole visibility in and recognition by making partnerships with well-liked sports brands, contest sponsors, and advertisers.

How to Set Up A Business Model Dream11?

The business model of Dream11 is adopted by a great deal of start-ups these days as a chance to spice up their revenues through complete partnership, promotional material and entry fees received from users of a fantasy recreation app.

By partnering with a reliable iOS or golem app development company, you’ll produce a custom fantasy sports app or web site for your business. The mobile app development consultants here can deliver you a novel and innovative application to grow your fantasy sports business. opt for the correct app development partner supported its expertise, technical experience, knowledge, past comes so on. 

Fantasy sports app Dream11 Features

User Side Features (Front End)

User Registration 

• Registration: Users will register on fantasy sports app through an admirer referral/social platform login or by getting into personal details like email ID, personal range, a novel username, etc.

• Login: once registration, the user will log in into this fantasy sports account, victimization a similar details entered throughout registration.

• Referral: Users may refer alternative users to hitch the fantasy sports app.

Landing Page/ Main Screen –

• Search: Users will search across many sports games that square measure being compete. 

• Filter: Users will apply a filter to look in keeping with their preferences. they need to be able to

• List: Users will choose a match from the list received when applying the filter. Users will see details like match temporal arrangement, match groups, venue, etc.

Tournament / Contest Page 

• Filter: Users will search or filter tournaments by entry fee vary, winning vary, contest sort, winning quantity, winners count, and contest size, etc.

• Join Contest: Users will be a part of a selected contest by paying the entry fees for an equivalent.

• Create a Fantasy Team: Once users enter a contest, they will produce a fantasy or dream team.

• Create Tournaments: Users may also organize personal tournaments in their Dream11 clone app.

Profile Settings

• Edit Profile: The users will edit their personal details 

• Check Reward Points: Users will see details like reward points gained, account balance, bonus, etc.

• Add Cash: Users will add money via NEFT, UPI or web banking facility into their account billfold for paying the match fees.

• See Transactions: Users will see a close dealing history of all earnings and matches they contend within the fantasy app. 

Admin Side Features (Backend Panel)

Interactive Dashboard: This dashboard feature provides an entire 360-degree read of all matches compete below completely different classes (upcoming, ongoing, and compete matches) to admin. 

User Management: Admin will totally management to edit, delete, update, active or deactivate user accounts.

Match Management: Admin has full management over every match with permissions like edit, delete, update, etc.

Category Management: Admin will manage every games class (e.g. live, upcoming, played, etc.) on an individual basis.

Revenue Management: Admin will simply review the whole earning of each match compete on the fantasy sports app.

Manage Payment Mode: Admin will management and manage varied payment Modes.

Rewards Management: Admin has the only real right to distribute reward points to users supported their match performance.

Manage money prizes: This feature helps in managing the Bonus and money Prizes offered to the users.

CMS Management: Admin conjointly manage alternative details like facilitate, contact us, about us, etc. of the fantasy sports app.

Additional Features and Functionalities:

Live Score: Users will see the live score, highlights and game analysis for a specific match by the combination of live match API into the app.

Push Notification: Regular alerts and updates concerning forthcoming matches is provided to users via push notifications.

Data Analytics: The analytics feature in fantasy app will facilitate users create fast choices by providing period insights into an current match.

GPS Location Tracker: Alerts is sent via the app for current or forthcoming matches & leagues close to user locations.

Email Reminders: Users is sent AN email on their account IDs to tell them concerning the forthcoming leagues and matches.

What Team Structure is required for Fantasy App Development?

You will need a reliable fantasy sports app development company to develop superior quality mobile applications, Hiring such AN app development partner, you will benefit of the technical expertise of its skilled pool of app developers, designers, testers so on.

Structure for fantasy sports app development: 

• Project Manager

• UI/UX Designer

• iOS Developer

• Android Developer

• Backend Developers 

• QA Experts 

How Much will it price to form associate degree App Like Dream11?

The cost to create a fantasy sport dissipated app for each robot and iOS platforms (with backend integration) varies between 19000 to 24000 USD. Whereas the value to create a fantasy app with basic user panel options prices around 8000 USD for each iOS & robot platform. Similarly, the admiral panel development prices around 9000 USD.

• The US-based developer charges somewhere between one hundred to 250 USD per hour.

• Europe based mostly developers can even be employed for seventy to two hundred USD per hour.

• Asian developers square measure the smallest amount valuable as they charge between sixty to a hundred and eighty USD.

Factor poignant the price of A Fantasy Sports App

Developer Location: the placement of your mobile app developers have a big impact on the value of your fantasy sports app. it’s determined that the developer’s charges vary region-by-region globally. United States developers value quite high when put next to app developers in Asia. Hence, keep the placement side in mind after you rent Associate in Nursing humanoid or rent iOS app developer.

Team Experience: The tried and true the members in your mobile app development team, the additional it affects the ultimate value of your fantasy app.

App Complexity: If you request additional advanced options and functionalities in your sports app, the app developers can charge a high fee to you for delivering an excellent app expertise to users.

Platform Support: relying upon the platform (Android/iOS) you decide on for launching your app, the value can vary. Generally, the iOS platform needs a better level of coding; thus, the value to make Associate in Nursing humanoid app are less compared to the iOS app.


Hope you enjoyed all the small print that area unit necessary to make a custom fantasy sports app for your business. Remember, fantasy sports is that the “Game of the Future” and is anticipated to grow apace within the future years as additional and additional countries area unit legalizing it.


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