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The stress and productivity levels of employees in a firm depend on their food habits and physical health. The 3 pm slump is typical among most employees. Their focus shifts, energy wanes and they get less productive. They turn to caffeine and sugar to last them until their deadlines and they crash later. This dependency is harmful in the long run and can create an addiction to caffeine and craving towards sugar. A great alternative for organisations is to provide healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits that help increase productivity, physical well-being and the overall morale. High-quality bulk nuts bought from wholesale services make the perfect on-the-go healthy snack for employees or during client meetings and make great corporate gifts.

The Science Behind Healthy Snacking in the Workplace

         There are research studies that show that eating healthy in the workplace boosts efficiency and productivity. A survey conducted from the Centre for Health Research and Health Enhancement Research Organization; Brigham Young University asserts that employees who consume healthy snacks at least four times a week show a 25% increase in their performance. The World Health Organization shows that better nutrition leads to improved productivity by 20%.

         The brain needs adequate energy to function efficiently, and it requires a constant supply since it doesn’t have any fuel stores of its own. Hence, the food consumed must have plenty of glucose and fibre that stabilizes that glucose. Sugar-laden candy bars, sodium-heavy chips and salty snacks provide rapid, unsustainable energy followed by a crash. This erratic energy change is harmful to the body and the brain. However, dried fruits and nuts increase the brainpower, clarity of thought and focus, and sustain it for an extended period. They have omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and proteins that induce a productive work and lifestyle among workers throughout the day.

Selection of Nuts and their Role in the Workplace

Nuts are considered superfoods. The popular ones among them for office snacks are almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews and more. Almonds have calcium, vitamin E, protein, magnesium and fibre that help combat fatigue or tiredness. They help decrease hunger and stress levels making them a perfect office snack. Walnuts help reduce stress levels and boosts memory as they contain copious amounts of Vitamin B6 and B12. 

They promote physical and brain health, and also improve people’s mood. Antioxidants, unsaturated fat, minerals in pistachios and fibre help keep the blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure level in check  and keeps people full for longer. Cashews are rich in heart-healthy fats, manganese, copper and magnesium, and low in sugar, ensuring energy, immunity and brain health.

Consuming nuts and seeds keep the eyes fresh and help beat fatigue. Practically speaking, companies can conserve time by providing nuts to employees and their trips to the pantry decreases, increasing the time they spend at their desks doing work. Nuts increase the blood glucose levels and therefore helps them beat the lethargy experienced in the afternoons. Happy employees contribute to the job better by being more creative, co-operative and quick in thought. There is also a higher retention rate and attraction of prospective talent seen with a healthy snack culture in the office. 

Teaming up with bulk nuts suppliers helps increase the company employees’ productivity and proves beneficial for the business’ growth. 


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