Full Guide: How To Design A Game Character

Design A Game Character

A video game is more than just entertainment. This is a synergy that continues to live after leaving the game. Creating this synergy requires the use of the latest technical know-how as well as a sense of style.

When creating a character, 3d character artist for hire needs to know exactly what they will be, not only externally, but also internally: to develop a demeanor, character. The inner world of the hero is often displayed in their appearance. Therefore, all details should be taken into attention.

What Makes a Good Video Game Character?

Every illustrator and 3d character artist has a different style and way of working. Therefore, there is no single plan for creating a character. However, a good character always embodies several elements that influence their future image:

·         The backstory of any character should be well thought out and contain a lot of details.

·         A character should have a certain motivation that will show who they really are.

·         They should evoke emotions in a person so that the gamer will root for them and support them throughout the game.

How to Design a Video Game Character

How to make a character believable, realistic and alive? Before starting to create them, it is necessary to carefully think about their image. 3d character design services from Kevuru Games (https://kevurugames.com/game-art/3d-characters-design/) include all the basic steps. The process of creating a character should be the following:

Get a General Idea

Character design starts with an idea and its implementation in a concept. The character of the hero, gender, biological characteristics, etc. – all this needs to be considered before starting to create a hero. The character should look organically in the game world and be detailed enough to perform the actions laid down by the game and to correspond to the game plot.

If the game world is not too detailed or drawn schematically, then an overly realistic hero will get out of the whole picture. Any character should fit into the aesthetics of the game.

Establish backstory

In order to be believable, a character should have a story. Like any living creature, they have their past, present and future. The point is that characters without a story are boring and implausible.

Add character traits

Any details – nationality, place of life, profession, age – help to create an image. All these features, if 3d character artists come up with them, can affect the appearance of the future character.

Details to help tell more about any character:

·         age;

·         education;

·         profession;

·         interests;

·         nationality and place of residence;

·         place of work.

The next step is to clarify the physical characteristics of your character. Maybe they will be large or even fat, with a prominent nose and a protruding mustache. In addition to physical characteristics, a 3d character designer should think about how the hero will be dressed, what kind of hairstyle they will have.

What is important in the appearance of the character:

·         facial features and body shape;

·         proportions;

·         clothes;

·         hairstyle.

Also, it is good to think over the character of the future hero. Any hero should have their own characteristics. As a rule, this is what makes them different from the rest.

Define relationships

How the character communicates with other characters and what social status they have are also important points in creating their image and will help the player to better understand them.


Almost every character goes through these stages before becoming the way we see them in the game. Sometimes ideas are born on their own, and characters just appear in the imagination, already almost ready, and all that remains to do is to work out the details. But this is not a common situation and not everyone is so lucky. That’s why it’s good to have a rough plan. 


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