Five Fun and Affordable Australian Weekend Plans

Weekend Plans

Who doesn’t fancy a weekend in a fancy resort pool overlooking the Sydney harbour or camping at the Blue Mountains? But, every person might not be able to afford luxurious getaways every single weekend. Affordable and effortless weekend plans are for everyone, ranging from a ticket at Oz Lotto to record shopping in Newtown. For most people, a weekend is the only time to relax and spend quality time with their family. A break from the stress of work or student life can restore the mental health, sleep schedule, and social life of a person. Although hustle life has been prominent in promoting the corporate culture of working well into the weekends, most people opt to take a healthy break. The candle cannot burn at both ends for long before exhausting itself entirely. Every hard-working person deserves a break, and if it is an affordable one, then why not? Here are some affordable tips for entertainment for Australians to spend their weekends:

  • Sports:

Almost four in five Australians indulge in sports activities. The people spend four times more hours watching sports or playing than praying. Sports activities are an inseparable part of the Australian culture. A weekend game with old friends, teammates from college, or colleagues is an ideal form of relaxation. A fun football match can be the ultimate way to bond and spend quality time with the family. Games provide the scope to bond with people, form a few relationships, understand group dynamics, and feel wholesome. In case one is not up for physical exertion, they can always play online games with legalized lottery companies like the Oz Lotto. The Oz Lotto is the fun ticket to an exciting weekend that can even involve a group. People can go from mindlessly watching sports to jumping up and down on their couch with a lottery ticket.

  • Soak in nature.

Major Australian cities and popular sports are in coastal towns. Thankfully, visiting the beach is free of cost. If the beach is accessible, ideal weekend beach plans would involve camping, tanning, surfing, or partying with a bonfire in the evening. Coastline walks are increasingly famous in Australia. Simple research reveals safe and stunning locations like the Bondi to Coogee walk to spend some romantic time with a partner. There are several parks and reservations in the country that are for free. In places like the Royal Botanical Gardens, children are sure to explore the endless greenery, making it an ideal family picnic spot.

  •  Art for the Sake of Art:

Although art enthusiasts and connoisseurs enjoy a privilege in the world of art, they are far and in-between. Art is democratic and so often affordable. Entry at the Art Gallery NSW is free of cost. The gallery displays Australian, Aboriginal, European, Asian, and contemporary art. The Museum of Contemporary Art is another primary attraction featuring international exhibitions, installations, paintings, and sculptures.

  •  Exploring Eateries:

For a food enthusiast, this could be a religious activity. Exploring local food joints are one of the most affordable ways to spend the weekend. Friends can plan a reunion in their favourite haunt to bring back those nostalgic memories of college.

  •  Ride it out:

This affordable entertainment also doubles up as a form of exercise. For just 10-20 dollars an hour, people can rent a bike in the city or Centennial Park. A kayak is another exciting ride costing as much as the bike rent and is available on most beaches. Like the one in Manly, the ferry around the harbour costs just around 15 dollars and is the best way to explore the port. 


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