Fascinating Facts About Modern Architectural Signage


A business sign or trademark holds so much power. When designed and executed strategically, architectural signage is enough to attract potential buyers to check out the services and products that a business has to offer. It piques people’s curiosity and keeps their eyes glued to the details that the thought is instantly stored and reinforced in their memory.

Perhaps this is because signage is also a form of art, and art is a universal channel of expression that radiates to different types of people regardless of their origins and preferences. To say that professions related to art are non-essential are extremely erroneous and ignorant, considering how a single sign can help do a business or drop sales.

Quite contrarily, the creation of business-specific and brand-appropriate signs constantly joins each new generation of customers’ tides and demands. In fact, below are some of the most intriguing details about the trends in architectural signage today:

Clean and Minimalistic

If a business wants to evoke and maintain a sleek and clear branding, a minimalistic and simple sign is the way to go. People are no longer enticed by extremely ornamental signages. They want a logo or brand that is easy for them to digest—one that they can understand and read within a single glance. If business signage has a lot going on, then it will only drive away potential customers.

Has a Character of Its Own

Thanks to the technological advancement and the broader availability of tools to construct gravity-defying shapes, lines, and fixtures, anything is possible with modern architectural signage. You can make it seem like a sign is falling from the sky or floating in thin air. You can make words appear bolder and bigger without them becoming a road traffic hazard.


Aside from breaking barriers and taking on almost every shape and form imaginable, innovative business signages are also more flexible regarding where you can put or view them. Some of the most impressive life-sized ads in real life today are embedded or flashed through a building’s glass walls or frames, using lighting effects or even through incorporating a 3D aspect to make ads and billboards more realistic.

Original and Unforgettable

As stated, today’s aesthetic for business signs are leaning more toward helping brands embrace their unique selling points and then utilizing it to gather more potential leads. Customers are always seeking something new, and if you can’t communicate what sets your business apart clearly and quickly enough, you might as well take down your outdated signage.

Represents Transparency

Did you know that signs and ads need to be authentic? Businesses can no longer get away that easily with a simple mistake or a few instances of unfulfilled promises and claims on their advertisements. Today’s customer population is ruthless, and they will call out any promo or sign that spreads false news and hope about a product or service. When you invest in architectural signage design, you need to be prepared and knowledgeable about the services you are marketing and the brand you want to impart to your target audience.

Combination of Ideas

One of the main takeaways of modern designing for businesses is it mashes together vintage and contemporary design aesthetics. The combination breeds a more universal and distinct outcome that allows businesses to gain a trademark on a specifically well-doing advertisement. It also gives more room for both designers and clients to meet halfway as they brainstorm ideas.


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