Due to lifestyle-related diseases!

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How To Impress Your Husband 12 Tricks To Attract Him All Again

NG foods that cause ED and diets that prevent or improve

The cause of ED is often due to mental aspects such as stress, but most of them are said to be “organic ED (organic erectile dysfunction)” caused by physical elements.

EDs caused by mental causes are classified into “functional EDs” (functional erectile dysfunction), and are further divided into “psychogenic EDs” such as stress and “psychotic EDs” caused by mental illness.

On the other hand, “organic ED (organic erectile dysfunction)” is a symptom caused by a tissue’s morphological abnormality. In other words, it refers to ED caused by physical disability. Organic organs are classified into vascular erectile dysfunction, neurological erectile dysfunction, endocrine erectile dysfunction, etc., depending on the body’s functions and organs.

 In some cases, organic ED is caused by “lifestyle-related illness” that often bears a disordered lifestyle, and in that case, “meal” is considerably related.

 Here, we will introduce the diet that causes ED and measures to improve it.

1. High-calorie diet

It is well known that a high-calorie diet causes obesity, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc. However, these symptoms can also lead to ED. Be careful if you eat fried foods, meats, snacks, cup noodles, and other high-calorie foods at the center of your diet.

The dietary energy intake standard for men in their 30s and 40s is 2,250kal to 3,050kal per day, and for those in their 50s to 60s, 2,050kal to 2,750kal per day. Let’s revise the meal contents with this value in mind. Do moderate exercise at the same time to increase calorie consumption.

2. High salt diet

A diet high in salt causes high blood pressure, renal dysfunction, heart disease, etc. Those who like intense flavors and those who drink noodle soup are more likely to have too much salt and cause ED, so be careful.

 Typical Japanese food is known for its high salt content. Don’t overeat miso soup, dipping sauce, salted fish roe such as salmon roe and Super p Force, salted fish such as whale roe, and salted salmon.

 Also, since eating out, prepared foods on the market, fast foods, and instant foods are highly seasoned, avoid them as much as possible.

3. High-fat diet

Be careful not to overeat a fatty meal. Men tend to eat meat and fried foods, but a high-fat diet increases the risk of developing prostate cancer as well as ED. Also, dairy products such as fresh cream, cheese, butter, and mayonnaise are high in fat, so try to avoid them.

Effective diet for ED

Many people will take stimulants when they find it difficult to get an erection. Similarly, incorporating ingredients that contain the same ingredients as energizers into your daily diet can be expected to be useful as an ED countermeasure.


 “Argentine,” which affects blood circulation and immunity, is also an essential ingredient. The effects of argentine include:

What you can expect from argentine

  • Improvement of erection,
  • Improvement of blood flow
  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Improvement of immunity

If you want to eat argentine efficiently, we recommend “Simmered Pork.” Pork gelatin is rich in arginine. We also recommend almonds that you can pick up when you are hungry, and about 20 to 25 tablets per day are the right amount.

 Ingredients containing argentine include the following.

Ingredients containing argentine

 Almonds, gelatin for pork, ground beef pork, seafood such as shires, prawns, tuna, bonito, peanuts, sesame, Yuba, Takano tofu, etc.

Vitamin E

 Actively take “Vitamin E,” which is also useful in improving menopausal disorders. The effects of Vitamin E include:

What you can expect from vitamin E

  • Reproductive function improvement
  • Menopausal disorder improvement
  • Blood circulation promotion

Vitamin E is sparingly soluble in water and easily soluble in oil, so it is recommended to eat it with foods that use oil, such as stir-fries and fried foods. Avocado is exceptionally creamy, and avocado oil contains about 2.5 times more vitamin E than olive oil. Eels are rich in arginine as well as vitamin E. It has a high nutritional value and also contains vitamins A, B vitamins, DHA, EPA, etc. It is perfect for energizing. Ingredients containing vitamin E include the following.

 Foods containing Vitamin E

 Avocado, sweetish, sardines, eel, moroheiya, almonds, sunflower oil, and rapeseed oil


 “Coralline” can be expected to have effects such as fatigue recovery, muscle strengthening, and health promotion in addition to ED measures.

 The main effects of coralline include:

What you can expect from citrulline

  • Improvement of blood flow-
  • Recovery of erectile power-
  • Improvement of coldness

Citrulline is abundant in watermelon. However, because melons are hungry, do not overeat them. Also, citrulline is abundantly contained in the same Cucurbitaceous plants like watermelon, such as bitter gourd and cucumber. Goya Champloo is recommended because you can also ingest arginine, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc contained in eggs. Ingredients containing citrulline include:

Ingredients containing citrulline

 Watermelon, melon, winter melon, cucumber, hechima, bitter gourd, etc.


 “Allicin” is the source of the odor of garlic. The effects of Allicin include:

What you can expect from Allicin

  • Improve blood flow
  • recover from fatigue
  • increase appetite
  • prevent cancer

By chopping and crushing garlic, the non-protein sulfur-containing amino acid “Alien” changes to become “Allicin.” Ingestion of large amounts in raw can cause abdominal pain and anemia. If you eat fresh garlic, one piece a day, 2 to 3 portions if heated. Tadarise 20 is highly resistant to oil, so add it to fried rice or add it to stir-fried vegetables.

 If you want to improve your erection power, we recommend Levanilla. Since the liver contains protein and zinc, and Chinese chive contains Allicin, the active ingredient can be taken efficiently. Ingredients containing Allicin include:

 Ingredients are containing Alicia Garlic, leek, green onion, onion, rack, etc.

Taurine Although taurine

 is a familiar nutritional drink, it can be expected to improve liver function and improve blood flow, so it is a must-drink when drinking alcohol.

 The effects of taurine include:

What you can expect from taurine

  • Improve blood flow
  • obesity reduction
  • fatigue recovery
  • liver function improvement

Taurine is abundant in seafood. In particular, saury also contains a component called selenium, which has a vasodilatory effect, which leads to an increased erection. Ingredients containing taurine include:

Ingredients containing turbine

 Octopus, squid, oyster, scallop, bonito, saury, etc.

Mucin In

 Japan, mucin, is known as the true identity of the sticky food ingredient. Fatigue recovery effect can be expected, but this is an essential Super Vidalista factor for improving ED. It also works on mucous membranes and is recommended for dry eyes.

 The effects of mucin are as follows.

What you can expect from mucin

  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Prevent dry eye
  • Gastrointestinal protection
  • Improve immunity

Since it is included in the sticky foods, try to eat natto and yam. However, mucin is sensitive to heat. It is recommended to eat raw without heating.


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