Disable text to landline


Sometimes by accident, you text a landline because you are uncertain what kind of phone you are using, that people have given you. and you want to be intelligent, This service then will place an actual phone call to the receiver, certainly wake them up, and then have a robot speak you text to them. 

This is evidently set up for all customers absolutely as an aspect, and they can not remove this.  The rep I talked to called up each billing period and ask for it to be separated. This will have to pay rogers much more by sending out this kind of call, but they can realize what kind of pain this service is.

Can a landline receive text messages?

When you text a landline, the delivery person examines the receiver’s number to observe if it’s appropriate for text-to-landline service. There is a recording of your text message and then the service calls the receiver’s landline phone. As a voice message, your text message gets “read” aloud.

How can you opt out of receiving text, messages online?

You may always prevent sending Text to Landline messages to some particular places. You may also send a text to the shortcode number 1150 that tells “OPT-OUT” and also it lists the 10-digit phone number that you need to prevent landline text message response. for example- OPT-OUT 555-555-1234.

How do I disable or opt out of text-to-landline?

I need to text so many clients regularly. But every time I don’t know if the number I am texting is a landline or a cell. They are charging me 20 cents each time whenever I text a landline, and it is attaching up to 5 to10 bucks each month. and I don’t want some annoying computer voice reading my messages or texts to an answering machine. If that number is not of a smartphone, then I would just like to be acquainted with this and also I will call the client rather than text. Is it possible anyhow? It feels just like a scam, and they are continuously charging me also in case of the message is not deliverable.

But in fact when somebody says to you that they do not want to be snuggled and do not want that type of service you need to be capable to disable that service.  In reality, maybe this is something that I should assume with the FCC since I am saying you to prevent billing me for it but anyway you do it and you have no way to stop the billing.

Some suggestions:

I dialed 0800 587 5252 and it only provided me the option to set boundaries, which I do not want to do at all and also I want to disable the calls.

From your landline, Just Dial 0800 587 5252

Choose Option 1, then Option 5 to disable all the messages.

Your request will be activated within 30 minutes.

I know how does it feel as I make all the mistakes as well. I just want to neglect the 15c that gets charged on the account. Anyways It’s our own mistake for that.

YES, According to me Rogers has an option to turn it off. and I genuinely want all delivery persons to do this as well.


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