Cryptocurrency: The Glorious Future of Economic Transactions


Ours is a modern world, where everything happens at the tip of our fingers. Controlling the world economy or making transactions of astronomical amounts is carried out through machines and technology. Currencies are converted, withdrawn and deposited simply at the click of a button.  One solution that has appeared as the boon for the world economy is the increasing use of and reliance on cryptocurrency. Around the world, more and more countries have implemented the rightful use of Bitcoin in economic transactions, and the value of Bitcoin is bound to rise exponentially with such a wide use.  

Bitcoin is popular around the world, and for exactly the right reasons. What makes the use of cryptocurrency an attractive means of financial asset are:

  • Bitcoin: A Decentralized Currency

Bitcoin is a digital currency, which means that there are no physical transactions involved, like there is in the form of cash. This currency requires no use of the bank or any agency as an intermediary, and the transactions are free flowing from one bitcoin user to another. In fact, apps like Bitcoin mastery: bitcoin tradition have made it easier to track your investment everywhere.

  •  Ease of use:

Bitcoin transactions are controlled by a network of computers, which has what they call a shared ledger. Every transaction is recorded and processed by chains of computers that involve no human interference, and are performed by the programming through the use of algorithms. This helps in the discreteness of the users around the world using Bitcoin as a mode of transaction. No transaction history is ever brought to the forefront of a Bitcoin user, unless they voluntarily do so. Which means that no transactions can be traced back to the particular user to make it.

For this same reason, the users of Bitcoin are vested with more autonomy than when it comes to the use of other currencies like cash or gold. This autonomy is highly desired and valued by the users, who cite autonomy as one of the central reasons for the use of the Bitcoin currency.

  • Bitcoin: A Liquid Investment

Bitcoin investments are incredibly good and profitable, if you would prefer gaining profits in a short time period. These digital currencies are deemed no less valuable than cash or the traditional asset of gold. In fact, you can even trade bitcoin for the former assets. Thus bitcoin is flexible and it is liquid when it comes to the efficacy of investments.

  •  No Extra Bank Charges

We know how annoying it gets when banks charge extra transaction fees from its users every time a transaction is made. They do so in the form of external fees or taxes. There is also a need to maintain a certain balance in the bank accounts, failing which the accounts are cancelled. Such are the drawbacks of using a bank account, and all of these are done away with when you use Bitcoins. They ask for no additional expenses when transactions are carried out, and neither do they require the maintenance of any balance. This makes the handling of Bitcoins very feasible.

  •  No Fear of Bitcoin being seized:

With banks, there is always a liability. When cases of any misconduct or any involvement with the jurisdiction are involved, there is always a slim chance that your bank accounts might be seized. There may be cases when people are charged with false accusations, and with no fault of their own, lose all assets. This would never happen if one stored all their assets in the form of Bitcoins. This form of currency doesn’t require any censorship from any institution of authority. The wallet is accessible to only by the individual users.


Thus, it is evident why the world economy is slowly and steadily going digital. With the coming of the alternative currency that we call cryptocurrency, and its gradual rise to fame in recent years has changed the landscape of global investments. Bitcoins hold the guarantee to a cashless economic boon, and we looked forward to a world like that.


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