Creative Ways To Use Social Media To Land Your Job


Social media is the most popular and happening online platform in the 21st century. It is great for not just entertainment, news, product reviews, or events, but it can also help you land a job. Yes, you read it right; social media can help you get a job, provided you follow some creative ways discussed below.

  •   Create An Attractive LinkedIn Profile 

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for networking with industry professionals. You need to create a professional profile on Linked In and connect with potential employers and recruitment agencies. Your profile should be complete with all details about your work experience, qualification, and skills. The platform has the biggest database for the companies to hire required talent. Many organizations and professionals are taking advantage of this. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is crisp and without any errors or discrepancies. You can also look for jobs on Twitter using relevant hashtags.

  •       Create a professional Instagram account

Even if you have an Instagram account, create another for professional use and to showcase your personality, skills, and experience. Make sure your account is public so that recruiters, industry veterans, and peers can see you. Make sure the pics you upload on your professional account project you as a professional. You can also post videos talking about your experience or specific project. Use relevant hashtags as well. Following companies where you would like to work will keep you updated about openings. Check out some guides if you want to know how to see someone’s private Instagram for information about the posts and recruitment.

  • Create and Promote Professional Portfolio

Social media has the power to promote your professional side too, and you just need to use it effectively. For example, you can start a blog or create a website where you can showcase your writing, graphic design, website design, animations or coding talent, etc. Then you can promote your profile/blog on social media where you think your potential recruiters can spot you. If you have a strong objective like Instagram’s mission statement, highlight that in your professional profile.

  • Keep a close watch on social media

Other than LinkedIn, recruiters, these days, are also using Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to advertise job posts. So, you must keep a close watch on these platforms for job postings. In fact, several companies also have social media accounts that include words like “Careers” “Recruitment” or “Jobs”, etc. in their handle. Make sure you stay abreast with such accounts to know about a job posting as soon as it is out. Also, do tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job. You never know from where the opportunity may come your way.

  • Join Relevant Social Media Groups

Get connected with professionals and industry veterans, recruiters by joining groups on Linked In and Facebook where these people are also part of. Participate in conversations to get noticed. Make sure you use the right language and follow the decorum to create a positive impact. Online group discussions allow you to meet people from the industry and build a rapport. This can help you find a job through referral or direct contact with one of the recruiters.

Final Words 

Now that you know the power of social media to help you get a dream job, follow the tips and get lucky to be spotted. Also, download job apps and keep applying! 


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