Creating a Twitter Account for Business from Zero

Twitter Account

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could drive more traffic to your business website and engage with your existing customers? Well, luckily, Twitter is that social media platform that can more than help you with that. Creating your Twitter profile for business is quite different from a personal account, not in terms of the steps involved, but the right strategy. And to build social media presence for your Business on Twitter with your audience, the first thing you need is an audience. If you want something quick and organic then Twitter growth service can help, their tools are quite effective to help you gain followers.  

However, your Twitter account for business will also give the first impression of your business therefore you need to put in some thought before creating one from the scratch. Here are some simple steps:

1.    Make an Account on Twitter

It’s pretty basic, right? Well, you need to enter your email address, the name of your Business and a password to get started, as simple as that. You should use an email address that you’re quite active on as to not miss replying to your customers’ queries.

Make your handle short and professional. If you plan on making your Twitter handle something like @yourbusiness12345, it sounds like you are late in the Twitter game. It also doesn’t sound professional. Similarly, making your handle too long and hard to read will annoy the followers when they will be tagging or tweeting you. You can add a slogan in your handle with your business name or whatever floats your boat.

2.    Add Profile Details

The first thing the visitors of your profile will see is your profile image, a header photo, and then your bio. Therefore, ensure your profile and header image both are high-resolution and clear. You can even add a logo of your brand. Twitter allows its users to customize the theme color of your profile so you can even match the color of your profile to your brand logo’s color. This way your profile visitors will know it’s really your business account.

The next important thing is your bio. Your bio has a character limit of 160 characters. Therefore, you should utilize every word, hashtag, and mentions carefully. It’s best not to use more than 3 hashtags or else it will look overcrowded.

You should write about your business, what products or services your business provides, and along with that, you can add a link to your business website so the visitors can visit your website with a single click.

If you want your bio to pop up on the search results, try to use some relevant keywords in your bio so that you target a relevant audience.

3.    Start Interacting

You can ask your previous or current customers to follow you on Twitter for the latest launches, promotions, and deals. You should also try to follow a few accounts on Twitter to not look unsociable. Try to keep a perfect ratio between your follower and following count. People won’t really take you seriously if your following is 5,000 and your followers are 5,900. It doesn’t make you look like a leader of your industry.

Always try to answer your followers’ queries to let them know you care about them and keep updating your tweets. Use pictures in your tweets to make them stand out among the others and for higher engagement.


Bonus Tip: At times, it can be hard for you to maintain your Twitter business account round the clock, especially on weekends or holidays, it’s best to take advantage of the social media management tools. You can schedule tweets in advance and these tools will automatically post them on time, no matter how busy you are.


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