Celebrities Who Smoke E-Cigarettes


The use of electronic cigarettes has become a common trend over recent years. It is a type of cigarette that is powered by a battery, and allows you to inhale vapor instead of smoke. This act is referred to as vaping. Instead of a cigarette, you will use a vaping device.

The vaping device or e-cigarette does not use tobacco like the traditional type of cigarette. It uses the e-liquid which is combusted to vapor upon inhalation. Also known as vaping juice, it contains some nicotine which is what creates the good feelings attached to smoking. One reason why most people prefer vaping over smoking is because of how it causes less harm to your body.

Smoke in cigarettes can lead to various health risks. It contains tar which is the primary cause of lung cancer and several other respiratory infections. Excessive smoking of cigarettes can also affect men’s libidos. You are at high risk of contracting a wide range of illnesses from smoking tobacco.

Findings have shown that it can trigger several diseases in one’s body. Vaping remains the best alternative. The good thing about it is that you can regulate the nicotine levels. They also don’t have a foul smell which is the case for conventional cigarettes. Getting the right materials and devices will guarantee you a quality vaping experience.

Epuffer has some of the best materials you can buy for an excellent vaping experience.  Most people are shocked to realize some of their favorite celebrities or people they idolize smoke. Well, there are those who have also opted for perceived safer options like vaping over using traditional cigarettes. Here are some celebrities you didn’t know use electronic cigarettes.

Lady Gaga

The 35-year old pop star, who has never been shy of controversy, uses electronic cigarettes. She has been spotted smoking on several occasions in public. Some of these have been during major events. Many pictures of her smoking what seems like an electronic cigarette have surfaced on the internet.

Katy Perry

The ‘Roar’ hit maker is famous for her stunning outfits and how she dyes her hair. Well, she also loves vaping. Katy Perry has been spotted using a vaporizer on several occasions. Paparazzi have been able to snap her on normal days with a vaporizer on her hand. This is evident from the different photos that have surfaced online.

Johnny Depp

The Hollywood star has been spotted vaping on several occasions, one of them being in a movie scene. In one of the scenes in the movie ‘The Tourist’, Johnny Depp vapes while he is on a train. He also has his vaporizer which he has on various occasions been seen vaping using a Kangertech Mini Tank. He also has a variety of power box mods that he uses.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Wolf of Wall Street star has never been afraid of unleashing his vaping device at special events. He once made headlines when he was spotted vaping at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony. He has also been seen with a wide variety of vaping devices. The paparazzi once caught him smoking in Rao, one of the top dining restaurants in New York City.

Jack Nicholson

The 84-Year old American actor does not worry much about age when it comes to vaping. He has been photographed using an electronic cigarette while interacting with his fans and signing autographs. He was also spotted using an e-cigarette at Staples Centre, LA, while seated next to his son.

Lindsay Lohan

She is another celebrity who is never shy of controversy. Lindsay is currently one of the most famous vapers around. This comes after having a difficult journey of drug abuse. Back in 2011, she was photographed vaping at her Miami home. She might even be the first Hollywood celebrity to vape.

Katherine Heigl

The Grey’s Anatomy star once made headlines when she took out her vape pen at the Late Show with David Letterman. She even left the audience surprised when she took a long puff in front of them. She has on several instances been spotted vaping inside her car and in several restaurants. You shouldn’t be surprised by now.


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