Buying Guide: The Best Power Tower for Your Home Gym

Sportstech 7in1 Power Tower PT300
Sportstech 7in1 Power Tower PT300

For fitness people are looking for ways to get better and fitter. It is usually a race between the available space in our home and our budget. We mostly lose this battle between available space and money. You can only fit all the gym equipment in your house if you have multi-million dollar mansion. Also think about the amount of money you would have to spend to get the specialized equipment. The smart move would be to buy just one piece that can work on a majority of the body parts and muscle classes. This way you would not have to give up on your desire to build some muscles, get healthy and fit, you would also be able to save on so much money and space. Power Tower is the equipment that offers it all.  Visit here our website: to know more about power tower for home gym.

What is a Power Tower? 

Power Tower utilizes user’s own body weight to help him build muscle in a small and manageable set up. It is safer than most of the gym equipment and it is also lightweight so one can easily move it when it is not being used. The benefits of a power tower is self-explanatory and you can only make the most out of when you successfully choose the best power tower you can afford. To achieve this goal, you need to have an understanding of the power towers and its important specifications. When you know exactly what to look for, it will make decision easier and wiser for you.  

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Power Tower 

There are few prime things that you should keep in consideration when looking for a perfect power tower. All these key features play a significant role in the performance of the power tower. This includes:  

  1. Sturdiness 

The first thing that you should look in a power tower is that how stable it is. It is not the type of feature that you can cut corners with. If you buy a power tower that is too lightweight, it would not be able to hold your weight and working with it would be a real pain. To ensure the setup is sturdy, check customer reviews. Or you can also check it by trying that power tower firsthand. 

  1. Body Size 

Most of the power tower are built to support maximum weight and those tower generally works better for larger size people. Your size matters, choose the tower that is most suitable for you according to the weight and size of the machine.  

  1. Durable Materials 

Every material of the power tower should be long lasting, this includes cushion of tower, covering on the back pad and all the grips on the machine. Everything must stand the test of time and it should not show much wear and tear. Durable materials also includes the steel tubing of a tower. 

  1. Exercises  

Depending on the built and structure of the power tower that you bought, there are a multiple exercises that you will be able to perform on it. You want to know how complex you need your power tower to be. The basic models of the equipment will permit you to do pushups, knee raises, pull-ups and dips whereas the more complex models will help you to do a lot more. It is foremost to make your pick of the best power tower based on the variety of exercises that you want to execute. You also must consider your level, for instance, if you are a beginner you should consider buying a middle level power tower that has the easier features with optimum budget.  

  1. Price 

The cost of buying a power tower is one of the most important factor especially considering the fact that they are generally not cheap. The prices are all different depends on the brand, quality and level of the power tower. Focus on specifications first then consider price and always check if you are getting value for your money. But, if you have limited budget, money becomes a major concern that is why you have to factor it in. Although you should try to make price a determining factor. 

  1. Available Space 

Before making a purchase, think about the space you have available in your home. Some power towers have comparatively a small footprint while others might take a lot more space. First you need to decide where you are going to put the power tower, measure the total area of that particular room and then match it to the dimensions of the power towers you are considering to buy. Always leave additional space on both sides when measure. By leaving that additional space you can use the power tower for push up, pull-up and other exercises without having to move the tower. Also, check the height of the power tower because you need sufficient clearance room at the top. This is specially an important consideration if you are planning to put the tower in any room which has lower than average ceilings. 


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