Best bingo game rooms with jackpot prizes


There is an abundance of aspects that attract players to bingo: the atmosphere that you get from being part of a hopeful community, the friendships you can make both in the bingo hall and online, and, of course, the bingo jackpot prizes that can help you get the good times going after you get to yell ‘BINGO!’.

Though the jackpot prizes in bingo are not the main thing that attracts players to the game, they most certainly help! When starting out your bingo career, it might be a little boggling to get around all of the terms that you have never heard before. Terms like bingo rooms, wager, and guaranteed jackpot are the ones that baffle people the most – play at Barbados Bingo.

So, if you want to know all about the bingo lingo that makes the game worth playing, stick around because we are going to point you to the bingo rooms that have jackpot prizes!

What are the kinds of jackpot prizes you can expect to see from bingo?

Before we delve into what bingo room is the one for you, you need to know what kind of bingo jackpot prizes there are so that you can strive for the ones that grab your attention!

Remember, bingo is different for everyone and people want separate rewards. Some of you are looking for the low-risk low-reward kind of bingo whereas others want to risk it all in the hopes of scoring big!

Here are the main kinds of jackpot that you can expect to see in a bingo room:

1.      Wager Jackpots – Bingo rooms with these jackpots are for the high rollers who like to live life on the edge! The work by ticket price, meaning that the higher the ticket price, the more money that is up for grabs from the other players. Will you risk it all?

2.      Progressive Jackpots – Much like the progressive jackpots in slot games, bingo progressive jackpot prize rooms work similarly to the wager, however, the house sticks in a little bit as well. The more people playing in the bingo room that you are in, the more money is up for your taking.

3.      Split Bingo Jackpots – Some bingo rooms have jackpot prizes that only go to the player who is lucky enough to score a full house. Split jackpot bingo rooms give rewards to the first player to get a row, the first player to get two rows, and, of course, the player who manages to get all their numbers daubed off!

What are the best bingo jackpot prize rooms?

It is important to note that every player is an individual who wants something different from their bingo experience. Some bingo go-ers are after a quick 30-ball bingo room that has a low jackpot prize, whereas other want to risk it all on a long old 90-ball game.

Whatever you prefer, remember to consider these when choosing the best bingo jackpot room for you:

·        Ticket price

·        What kind of bingo jackpot is up for the taking

·        How many balls you’re playing with


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