Baby Bibs: Everything You Need to Know


If there is one thing that babies are good at is making a mess. They can quickly get their hands on their meals and clothes during mealtime. It is why every parent needs a baby bib. Read on to learn more about baby bibs.

What Are Bibs?

A bib is a garment worn by children, primarily infants when they are eating. It’s designed to protect them from getting dirty with food or drool. Bibs are made from a super absorbent material like cotton. So, they quickly soak food messes and drools to keep your baby clean the entire day.

Bibs create a protective layer between the baby’s mouth and their clothing. So, you can be sure that their clothes will remain stain-free, and it will also save you the time you’d have used trying to get rid of the stain. Bibs are essential if your baby is teething or a messy eater.

Types of Baby Bibs

In the past, bibs were rounded clothes wrapped around the baby’s neck and snapped in the back. But nowadays, these clothes have evolved so much. Let’s look at the different bib types available:

  • Drool/Dribble bibs

These are recommended for newborn babies to help them feel comfortable. You can have your child wear it all the time to prevent their clothes from looking old with continuous drooling.

  • Smock bibs

They are also known as long-sleeved bibs. Babies wear them like a shirt as they cover from the neck to the knee. This way, your baby won’t create a mess on the floor. Smock bibs can be used for other activities besides eating, like painting and crafting. They are easy to clean and maintain.

  • Disposable bibs

These aren’t advised for everyday use since you use them once and throw them away. But they come in handy when traveling or attending a family function. In these situations, it’s essential to have a baby bib with you.

  • Feeding bibs

You can already tell they are used during feeding time from the name. The bib’s bottom comes with a pocket to prevent food from spilling on the floor. But the top part looks like a normal bib The pocket holds solid and liquid food. So, your baby can eat and drink without making a mess.

  • Newborn bibs

These are specifically designed for newborns below six months. They have a soft fabric that’s very absorbent. Most newborn bibs have two fasteners on the neck’s side, which allow you to put it on and take it off easily.

Why Do Babies Need Bibs?

Bibs offer various benefits for both babies and their parents. For instance, they keep the baby’s skin free from rashes. It’s hard to believe, but spillage from the baby’s mouth during feeding or when they burb can cause some rushes on the mouth and chin. But since bibs soak most spills up, they help keep your child’s delicate skin safe from rashes and allergies.

Additionally, they prevent stains on clothes. Removing stains takes time, and some stain types are not even removable. Thankfully, bibs catch accidental spillage. They are highly absorbent, which helps keep the food and stains away.

For parents, bibs help reduce the number of times they have to wash. Your baby can quickly get themselves dirty, which means that you need to wash their dirty clothes. But when you have a bib, you’ll only need to clean it and not all the stained clothes.

How Many Bibs Do You Need?

The number varies in different families depending on their needs. But experts suggest you have 4-6 bibs for one child. So, you can do the calculations based on how many children you have. If you have a newborn, you need a handful of bibs since they can easily make a mess.

Other factors like laundry, drool, and feeding will also determine the number of bibs. Remember, most bibs are washable. So, having many of them is usually desirable.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what bibs are and their functions, you can purchase different bibs. The market has many colors and patterns to choose from. So, you can make a fashionable statement with your bibs while still choosing a practical and functional one.


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