Akira Kaneda: A Quick Catch Since it appeared on Screens.

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Cosplays are the best place to flaunt Akira Kaneda Red Jacket, as cosplays are the great idea of enjoying for many people. People love getting dressed as their favorite characters and involved themselves in some sort of play. Cosplays included playing as your favorite character on stage, which people seem to be crazy about. They are originated from Japan, and that’s why it has crazy anime fans enjoying it a lot. Japan is famous for its anime.

Japan has known as the anime-hub since the start. It was the first country to release the first animated movie ever! After that, the moviemakers gave us back to back anime movies, and people started loving them. Even nowadays, there is another sort of group which consists of people who are crazy about anime. In the series of anime movies, Akira was released in 1988. It was based on a manga, a Japanese comic book, manga. The manga was released in 1982, but six years later, it was converted into the movie.

Akira received so much love around the world. It got such admiration from UK, USA, and other states. It was the milestone for japan at that time as, for the first time, critics and audience sat unhooked and went through the whole movie, and they all loved it. It received so many awards. Till today people are enjoying it. With having the most fascinating story and mesmerizing graphics, there was one more thing about Akira, which caught our attention. That was costumes.

Despite being too old, Akira still has a special place in an anime lover’s heart. Moreover, because of its graphics and best story, people, other than fans of anime, also love it. Every character possessed different qualities and abilities. The movie’s makers looked keenly into the characters, and clothes were designed according to their traits. Their costumes embodied their characteristics. That’s why these clothes are still hyped up everywhere.

For illustration, Akira Kaneda red jacket shows the real meaning of this name, the name Akira comes from Japanese origin, and it is made up of many kashis. One of which meant intelligent, bright, and clear. While the character of Akira was the bright, mysterious boy and he did justice with his name. In addition to red color, there is a printed capsule of its back, which says “GOOD FOR HEALTH, BAD FOR EDUCATION”, as the movie was directly showing the devastating condition of neo-Tokyo.

They showed that after so many years, Tokyo was built again, but then it faced a different crisis from terrorism to corruption, every difficulty was there. People started protesting against the government, and violent biker gangs were so out of controlled and according to experts, that print of the capsule defines that the biker gangs called “The capsules” at that time. The picture of this pill symbolized that joins a mob and stay safe with your group. Another way around was to take a pill. It is good for your health, but if you take so much of it, they’re gonna be addictive and mess with your mind, and you’ll not be able to study or focus again.

The movie hadn’t done justice with Akira as it was a side character, and these jackets were the attire of biker gangs, but Akira was the main character in the manga. Akira was an orphan boy who was enlisted by the government for their secret project, and he was tagged as the subject no 28. The project debacle and Akira gained some psychic abilities. As he grew older, his powers became uncontrollable, and on July 16, 1988, he destroyed the old Tokyo. All of the people died except Akira and espers. Akira had become the risk for the Japanese government because of his celestial powers.

In the movie, Tetsuo provoked him again, and he destroyed neo-Tokyo too. Tetsuo also developed some sort of telepathic abilities as the result of a bike accident. As he crashed his bike into the esper, the Akira’s friend who survived the 1988 attack. Tetsuo was a biker, and he belonged to a biker gang along with his best friend, Kaneda. These jackets were the symbolic attire of their gang, and hence, till today, after 32 years, people still carry Akira jackets to Halloween parties, themed parties, and many more.

As the Kaneda’s jacket is made up of bright red color people, it has limited it to co-plays and Halloween parties, but that’s not just it. It can also go with many outfits and make them more interesting. For example, being a biker, this jacket is a pure gift for you. Throw it in with leather pants and a casual t-shirt, you will be one of the badass bikers. These jackets signified motorcyclists in the movie, and still, these jackets can complete your biker look within a minute and make you a charismatic person riding that bike.

You can also carry them on casual parties with the right dress. Pull-on a white shirt and a pair of blue denim with this jacket and bam! You are ready to rock that party. The color of Akira’s jacket makes it unique, and that’s why it’ll give you a bold and confident look. The vibrant color will compliment your body perfectly, so it’s settled now that you can wear your beloved Akira jackets other than cosplays, theme parties, and all.

Besides red, you can have these jackets in black color too, a majority of you will love to have them and flaunt them around every party or casual meeting. Black is the unisex, forever to-go, and universal color that everyone loves. You can pair these black Akira jackets with any outfit and show your love to anime. Throw it with a buttoned-down shirt and a pair of black chino, it’ll give you subtle semi-formal look. It also protects your clothes as it is made up of pure leather, giving you badass or classy looks. Akira will be ruling the world of anime till it’s going to last.


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