A fabulous way to complement your wedding photographer is by adding


a magic mirror photo booth to your evening entertainment at your wedding reception.  Following everyones love for a selfie a magic mirror allows your guest to capure photo booth style selfie images, printing them instantly either with the fun addition of photo booth props or snapping you in your finest outfits.

Unlike a wedding photographer a magic mirror will remain availble throughout the entire evening giving guests far more time in a relaxed and fun setting to take as many photos as they wish adding to your image catalogue every time they do so.

The magic mirror photo booth will take perfectly focused shots, store them as well as frame them with your custom template often including your wedding stationary and then print the photo on a studio quality photo printer.

Unlike a traditional photo booth the magic mirror will stand tall and complement the surroundings of your wedding reception also drawing guest to it with its enticing graphics.

You can arrange for magic mirror photo booth hire in surrey at https://www.animationevents.co.uk/ where the friendly team will put together a package to include all you need for your wedding reception.


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