5 Writing Hacks to Start Your Travel Blog

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Today I am going to discuss how to write about travel in your blog. I decided to summarize my own long-term experience of reading blogs of fellow travelers and how to start writing about your travels. This information will be useful for those who are about to begin their paths in travel blogging.

Warning: this text represents my own opinion. In addition, you should always remember that there are exceptions, even from the cases described below. You can also read this article about how to start your travel blog to expand your knowledge further.  

  1. Do not rewrite Wikipedia

The main reason that your travel blog is boring is most likely that it reads like a rewritten page from Wikipedia or other reference sources. This is your post about travel, and therefore, your personal impressions of what you saw. Yes, Wikipedia is good in that you can spy on the year the building was built or understand the details of the ancient war for the territory you visited, but think about it and answer honestly. Do your readers need absolutely all the details set out in dry language, or just a couple of phrases written in your own words?

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  1. Use other sources wisely

If you spent time and found some interesting facts on the topic, which is commendable, either quote or tell in your own words. The key word is “tell.” Remember that a quote is a paragraph, two at the most, but it cannot make up the entire text of your post. Firstly, such use of other people’s material is prohibited by the rules of the sites on which you publish. Secondly, I remind you that the post is your personal content, not someone else’s impressions or research. If you come across material that is so good that it is impossible not to share it immediately, and on the site where you write, there is no possibility of a repost (while retaining the authorship), then just give in your post a link to it with an attractive annotation, rather than rewriting it. And in particular, don’t post other people’s material on the websites of such commercial organizations as travel agencies because your posts there, one way or another, are advertising for travel services, whether you like it or not. A company that provides a platform for your “creativity” will not want to deal with the author of the text or photographs you copied. And yes, you understood correctly – this also applies to photography.

  1. Do not write about places where you have not been

The most interesting travel blogs are based on personal experience. You will transfer your sensations, feelings, and emotions into writing. Besides, you may forget to describe some interesting places if you have never been in the place you are writing about. 

  1. Think if your writing will be interesting to others

This is still not the kind of obligation like an essay on the overused theme of how you spent your summer, from which we all suffered during school. However, try to understand who is your target audience and what material will be interesting to them. 

  1. Remember that the content of the post must match the title

If you write in the headline “The negative sides of  [name of country or city]” and in the post itself there is a completely positive description of local public transport, readers at first will simply feel deceived by their expectations. The second time they will understand that this is your tendency, and the third time readers simply will not read it, even if you write beautifully. 

In general, most of the points I provided are dictated by common sense. But as practice shows, as do 99% of the posts about travel, not all people are guided by common sense. Therefore, before starting to write another blog post about travel, first ask the question: which readership will you write for, and will they be interested? Believe me – this is the most important thing.


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