4 Myths about Invisalign debunked


If you have struggled with crooked teeth for years, you may have given up on getting them straightened. Braces may not work for your life or your budget. However, Invisalign products can bring braces within reach for you, no matter your age.

Invisalign is Too Expensive

Actually, Invisalign is no more expensive than traditional braces. Additionally, many dentists who offer this product can help with talking to your insurance company and with setting up a payment plan. Because you don’t have to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist, you can get Invisalign appliances from your regular dentist, reduce the number of appointments you have to keep, and more easily take care of your regular dental maintenance.

Once your payment plan has been worked out and you have your Invisalign braces in place, the whole process of straightening your teeth simply becomes a matter of changing a few habits. No, they’re not free. However, if you want to protect your privacy while addressing the problem of crooked teeth, you can manage the whole thing quite discreetly with these useful tools.

Invisalign is not immediate. It will take time for the appliances to make the necessary changes to the placement of your teeth. However, you will not need to worry about the day your braces come off because you can remove them every time you eat.

Invisalign is Messy

Invisalign is less messy than traditional braces as you will not have any foods that you can’t eat. The Invisalign appliance doesn’t stay in your mouth while you are eating. Before you eat, you will need to take the appliance out. After you eat, you will need to:

  • floss
  • brush your teeth
  • brush the appliance

If you already brush after meals, the change will be small. As you already brush and floss before bed, you have the skills and tools you need to take care of the process.

It will take some planning to make these tools work for you, especially if you are working outside the home and need to pack a dental care kit to carry with you. However, the Invisalign care and cleaning process will simply become part of your routine that is less of a burden as you begin to see results. If you are prone to snacking and nibbling all day and have been trying to stop, Invisalign could actually help you to eat better while you enjoy straighter teeth!

I’m Too Old to Gain Any Benefit from Invisalign

Actually, Invisalign correction can be used by adolescents and adults of any age. If you have the dexterity to brush and floss, you can make Invisalign work for you. These appliances work because they fit quite snugly. If you are uncertain about getting them in and out easily, search the phrase “Invisalign dentist near me” on Google and schedule a consultation.

For many adults, crooked teeth are a reminder of a financially troubled childhood. Getting this problem addressed can mean crawling through some tough memories and may require you to overcome some limiting beliefs about yourself. You are worth the investment in your teeth and your smile.

Invisalign Hurts

If you ever had braces, you remember the discomfort of getting your braces tightened or of expanding the roof of your mouth. Actually, while Invisalign works differently than traditional braces, the discomfort will be less. As noted above, these appliances fit quite snugly. Getting used to taking them in and out may take some work.

Not only don’t you have to wear your appliances to eat, but you will not be dealing with wires and brackets rubbing against the inside of your mouth tissue and your lips. As regular braces can impact speech, so will Invisalign impact your speech. There may be some lisping as you get used to the appliances. However, your tongue will learn to work around these tools, and you will learn to manage the lisp more effectively.

Getting your teeth straightened in adulthood is a very different process than getting braces in adolescence. Once the roof of your mouth is fully fused, tools like spreaders don’t work to expand the space available for your teeth. If you have given up on having straight teeth and are just living with a crooked smile, there is help available to boost your confidence in your smile.


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