4 best speech to text software for digital marketing professionals to enhance productivity!

digital marketing professionals to enhance productivity
digital marketing professionals to enhance productivity

Almost like any other profession, efficiency is the key to success for digital marketing professionals. However, the difference here is that success depends on producing thousands of words daily to keep up with the SEO requirements of the business and gain better ranking.

However, the traditional method of producing content through typing isn’t any more effective, especially when your competitors are using advanced technology like speech to text software to produce better quality content at a faster pace.

According to statistics, by dictating the notes to create text, you are able to produce much higher quality content for digital marketing purposes, as while dictating your tone will be much more conversational, as opposed to typing, thereby you will be able to churn out more engaging content for readers and get better results for the business.

Now, if you haven’t already tried the technology, probably it’s time to switch from typing to speech to text technology.

The technology has been around for quite some time and has greatly matured. However, not all speech to text software comes with equal quality and features, thereby you should consider the best platform that is able to meet your needs.

Below, we have come up with some of the best speech to text software platforms you can choose and boost your productivity for digital marketing.

1. Google Docs Voice Typing

The tech giant Google is no stranger when it comes to offering futuristic and disruptive technology applications. And just like in various other fields, Google voice typing is amongst the best platforms available in the market.

What makes Google Voice Typing even more efficient for writers is that most people already use Google Docs every day to produce content and with the voice typing technology it only becomes that much easier for content creators and digital marketers to produce better and faster content. The Google voice typing platform not only helps you to convert speech into text but rather the platform also offers tools and features to edit and format documents in all possible ways you can think. For instance, you can add bullet points, make text bolds, underline the text, or even insert images or videos into the document using Google voice typing.

To use the voice typing over Google Docs, all you need to do is to enable the “Voice Typing” option under the “Tools” tab and click on the “Microphone” icon, and you are ready to dictate.

Available On: The Internet

Price: Free for Google Docs

2. Converse Smartly®

Converse Smartly® is an advanced dictation software developed by Folio3. The software offers robust speech to text conversion options and enables you to perform the majority of the tasks without having any need to touch the keyboard.

By leveraging its strong and well-established expertise is in machine learning and deep learning, Folio3 has been able to produce a highly accurate and fast speech to text platform using Google speech to text that is able to identify words, jargons, and environments. Once you are familiar with the use of the platform, it enables you to produce content with nearly 99% accuracy using just the voice commands. The platform is currently used by thousands of individuals worldwide and is offered at affordable rates.

The Converse Smartly® is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, iWork, Google Docs, and other popular business applications, giving you plenty of freedom to work with the platform of your choice.

Available On: Mac and Windows

Price: Free

3. Briana Pro

The key feature of Briana Pro is that it isn’t just a dictation software, rather it’s a virtual assistant that is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The platform can convert speech to text in over 100 languages, while also enabling you to automate various tasks like setting alarms or reminders or acting as a dictionary, reading books, search files and various other computer tasks.

The platform is compatible with built-in laptop microphones, while it also has a mobile application for compatibility with mobile devices.

Available On: Windows

Price: $239

4. Speech notes

Speech notes is built over Google’s speech-recognition engine. The platform offers a clean, simple, and intuitive interface for speech to text conversion with over 90% accuracy. The best part about Speech notes is that you don’t have to download or install the software, making it one of the most accessible transcription tools available online.

The platform comes with a highly intuitive and user-friendly working. It is able to automate various functions like capitalizing the first letter in the sentences and automatically saving the document, thereby, greatly increasing the productivity and quality of the content. Once you are done dictating, you can easily share the document through email, export to Google Drive, print or save it to your laptop.


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