3 Tips On How To Make Cozy Movie Place In Your Home

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Building a movie place room is one of the most expensive home upgrades, but also one of the most rewarding. It can be like adding extra living space to your home if you wish to take advantage of every inch! 

From installing a theater-style popcorn machine to revamping the flat-screen TV on your wall or upgrading your home cinema and surround sound system, creating a beautiful space that can provide you with all the amenities you desire is truly one of life’s best pleasures. And while it is nice to get as many amenities right off the bat as possible, it’s not always financially feasible – especially if you plan to do some heavy home remodeling! If you’re like many of us who cannot splurge on expensive home remodeling projects, here are the top 3 things to keep in mind when DIY-ing a movie room at home. Make sure you consider these things first before making any major purchases!  

Building A Home Theater

  • Pick the Right Room/Location 

The most ideal setup is to design a movie place from the very beginning. This will help avoid a lot of challenges due to retrofitting and reconstruction. However, if one doesn’t have enough space or budget for an additional room, one can consider building a new room in their existing home or creating one around an old basement or garage. If this is not a possible option, you can also try to see if an older room is large enough to be converted into a movie place. Some minor tweaks will be applied to the doors, windows, and closets, but overall, this is such an excellent concept. 


  • Install Proper Lighting

Media room lighting is an integral part of a movie place experience. You’ll want entertainment lighting that features the right type and quality to ensure a sense of comfort as you enjoy your movie time with your family and friends! With so many choices available, you have to do your own research and explore several ideas before deciding on what works best for you. – depending on the type of media room that you are planning to build. There are so many options available, so choosing the right type of lighting for your space can be a lot of fun! Media room lighting varies in price as well. You may want to consider professional installation if this is your first time installing home cinema equipment, but doing it yourself will save you a significant amount of money.


  • Ensure Adequate Sound 

When choosing between rooms for your movie place, remember to not place it near a place where sound will be a problem. For example: Don’t put it next to your nursery where an infant is sleeping. No matter how tiny the sound is, it will disturb their sleep. Also, stay away from the window because this may cause people outside to complain due to the loud noise coming from your movie room. Choose a movie room that’s both large and soundproof – or one that has at least one of these features so you can easily install soundproofing.  

The newest equipment now comes in a much smaller form like the McIntosh mp100 doesn’t require a lot of space and will give you the same high-quality sound.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make an inviting space for movie lovers. You can design a cozy home cinema even in the smallest room or apartment. We hope you enjoy our three tips for making a cozy home movie place.  You can also make use of your space better by adding functional room dividers to separate different parts of one room. Either way, you’ll surely get cozy when the movie starts playing. Enjoy! 


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