19 Amazing Healthy Benefits Of Walking


Walking is a great form of exercise.

It’s an easy way to improve your health and you can do it in your own time.

The benefits of including walking in your daily habits are far much greater for you than not to include them.

Here is are some health benefits of walking.

1. Walking Helps You To Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight can be a difficult thing to achieve but is achievable with a lot of dedication. One easy way to losing weight is to increase the number of steps you walk in a day.

To monitor your progress a step counter might help you.

2. Walking Boost You Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D plays an important part in our bodies. We get most of the vitamin from the sun and it also found in some types food such fish, egg yolks and mushrooms but in small qualities.

By walking outside you expose yourself to the sunlight and in-turn you get free vitamin d.

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3. Walking Reduces Stress

Walking offers a way to get away from all the stress you might have.

By choosing to walk everyday you reduce stress in your life.

4. Walking Helps To Reduce Falls When Older.

As you get older your bone density becomes week and you are prone to falls. But you can reverse this by walking this strengthens your bone density.

5. Walking Boost Your Energy Level.

Feeling tired? Why not go for a walk?

I know walking might be the last thing on your mind, but when you are feeling tired it’s good to go for a work. This will boost your energy levels, you will feel more energetic.

6. Walking Boost Your Mood.

Are you in a bad mood? Someone said something to you that you didn’t like?

Instead of reacting or saying something to them that you will later regret later, choose to go for a walk to clear your head.

When you come back from the walk, your mood will have eased off and you will feel much better.

7. Walking Boost You Mind And Memory.

If you want to improve your brain power and your memory than you should walk more often.

8. Walking Protects You From Heart Disease

As you might already know any kind of exercise that gets your heart pumping is good for the heart. Walking is one exercise that gets your heart pumping especially power walking.

Going on regular power walks will protect you from heart diseases.

9. Walking Saves Money Than Going To The Gym

Walking is free it doesn’t cost any penny. You only have to invest in the time of actually doing the walking that’s it.

Unlike the Gym where you have to pay some monthly membership fee walking is free.

10. Walking Improves Your Sleep

There are growing numbers of people who suffer from sleeping disorders,  some of them are on prescribed drugs.

Walking is one activity that has been shown to improve on having a good night sleep according to Professor Jim Horne  from Loughborough University

11. Walking Might Help You To Cope With Aches And Pain

Walking is a free painkiller that you can use for those aches and pain.

12. Walking Helps You To Connect With Others Easily

What to connect with real people why not go for routine walks with your family or friend.

You can also look for walking groups in your area where you live.

Rambles is a great starting point in finding walking groups in your area.

13. Walking Helps To Maintain Good Blood Pressure.

Walking is a great excise for the heart it will help you maintain blood pressure at acceptable levels.

blood pressure monitor

14. Walking Can help Ease Off  Arthritis Pain.

According to Arthritis Research, there are many ways which you can help yourself if you a sufferer of arthritis.

Walking is one way you can incorporate into your lifestyle in order to cope with arthritis pain.

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15. Waking Boost Your Immune Function

Walk yourself to a strong body and fight off those infections.

16. Walking Helps To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge at times.

Why to walk more to maintain a healthy weight. Walking helps you to burn excess body fat.

17. Walking Improves Your Balance And Coordination.

As we get older our balance and coordination deteriorate.

Walking provides a great way to improve our balance and coordination as we get older

18.  Walking Helps To Reduce High Cholesterol Levels.

Cholesterol plays a great function in our body but too much of anything is toxic to the body.

You need to maintain good levels of cholesterol and if you have high levels of cholesterol you need to find ways to reduce it. 

Walking is one why you can reduce high cholesterol levels.

19. Walking Helps You To Connect With Nature.

When you are connected with nature you will see things other people don’t see?

It might be a bird flying up above you, a beautiful blossom flower, a stunning tree trunk or a duck with its ducklings if you walk regularly you will start to notice the beauty in nature.

Walking every day will awaken consciousness in you.

Over to you…

Do you enjoy walking?

When was the last time you went for a power walk?


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