Where can I find the best neurologists in India?

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Neurology is one of the fast-growing fields of medicine in India. The importance of neurology can’t be simply established with the help of words. In India, brain stroke is a silent killer. More than 16 lakh of the population suffers from brain stroke and is left disabled by it. This exhibits that neurological problems and diseases have to be handled as early as possible with the utmost care and expertise. In India, there are only a few hospitals that are blessed with the best neurologists in India. Here is a rundown list of few best neuro doctors in India. 

Who is a neurosurgeon?

Before taking a look at the best neurologist and neurosurgeons let us decipher the boundaries between both. Neurosurgeons diagnose, assess, and perform various surgeries to treat any disorders that affect the central nervous system. Their main area of work is on the central nervous system that is the brain and spinal cord and peripheral nervous system which spreads across other parts of the body. 

Defining a neurologist

A neurologist on the other hand also treats diseases that occur in the central and peripheral nervous system but they won’t perform surgery. a neurologist and a neurosurgeon work hand n hand to provide the best holistic care for the patients.

Nature of work

A neurologist works with patients of all ages from premature babies to elderly people. They treat any disease of the body’s system that can affect the functioning of the neurological system. They also treat diseases of the peripheral nervous system that may result in weakness and impairment of senses. The main conditions that neurologist treats are as follows:

Neurologists treat conditions such as:

· Stroke

· Multiple sclerosis

· Headaches

· Peripheral neuropathy including chronic neuropathic pain

· Parkinson’s disease

· Alzheimer’s disease 

· Various forms of dementia

· Epilepsy

· Spinal cord diseases

· Muscle diseases like muscular dystrophy that causes weakness of muscle fibers

· Myasthenia gravis; weakening and tiring of muscles easily and related disorders

· Brain tumors

· Functional disorders 

· Meningitis

· Neurologist work in various nerve-related issue

About 5000 nerve disorders are discovered

Best neurologist in India

Max healthcare hospital is one of the best for neurosciences in India which is blessed with the best neurologist.


Principal Director and Head – Neurology

Dr.JoyDevMukherji is one of the renowned neurologists in max healthcare hospitals and India. With the experience of over 25 years in the field of neurology, he is a proud owner of various awards, papers, publications, and projects. His field of interests includes:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Movement Disorders
  • Evaluation and Management of Strokes
  • Headache
  • Critical Care Neurology

OPD: you schedule an appointment at Max Hospital, Gurugram on Tuesday from 07.20 pm to 08:00 pm


Director of Neurology (Stroke & Dementia)

With an excellent educational background, he is one of the first doctors to do Inflammatory Genes study in stroke patients and IV Valproate in status epileptics. His expertise is in the fields of Stroke, thrombolysis and Neurocritical care, Movement disorder – Parkinson’s disease and Botox injection, Epilepsy and Epilepsy surgery, and more.

OPD: you schedule an appointment at Max Hospital, Saket on

Mon, Wed, Fri: 9:30 am – 7:30 pm

Tue, Thur, Sat: 11:30 am – 7:30 pm

Bottom line

Max healthcare has a conglomerate of best neurologists in India who provides comprehensive treatment to the patients.


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