Offshore: why outsource your IT development?

IT development

Any business may need the services of an offshore IT outsourcing expert

The initial need arises from the scarcity and cost of IT resources in UAE. In this context, it should be necessary to think about integrating an offshore IT service provider into its development strategy. Even an expert company in the sector (SSII – ESN – software publishers – etc.) can also have recourse to it to obtain a new breath in the development of its activity.  The chosen service provider will be able to help the company meet its challenges on uncontrolled technologies. And if it has difficulty recruiting, outsourcing makes it possible to provide immediate technical capacity to strengthen its teams in its technology: pup, .Net, j2ee, JavaScript, winded, etc.

Difficulty in recruiting the right developer profiles

With the lightning progress of IT, we are in a phase of shortage of developers in UAE and in the world. Companies are increasingly struggling to recruit and keep skilled developers in-house. Profiles are rare and salaries are high. Developers are approached every day; some do not even dare to update their LinkedIn profile for fear of being harassed. Turnover is the fear of recruiters because training and integrating a developer into their teams is expensive. Difficult under these conditions to recruit and maintain a complete team internally. Calling on an offshore partner makes it possible to balance the HR risk in its development strategy. The service provider takes care of setting up and managing a dedicated team on behalf of the company, which ensures a significant IT production capacity at reasonable and controlled costs.

Cost of recruiting developers in UAE

Salaries of developers in UAE are now higher than those of engineers (non-developers) with equivalent experience. It is quite common for a good developer to ask for 45k when leaving computer school in the Paris region. And I’m talking about developers with no professional experience. If we add the cost of recruitment, daily HR management (holidays, illnesses, etc.), the workstation and whatnot, the overall cost of a developer in UAE is very high. By way of example, calling on a developer in UAE on a management basis generally costs between 350 and 750 euros per day, depending on skills and experience. Through a serious and competent IT services company in Madagascar, the Average Daily Rate drops to 100/150 € per day depending on the profiles sought for a team of 3 people. “It is therefore possible to set up a team of 4 developers in Madagascar for the cost of a developer in UAE”. For a fixed budget, is it better to call on a developer in UAE who is underpaid and therefore unmotivated or moderately competent? Or pay a low but fair price allowing to pay an offshore developer very well in relation to the standard of living of the country, allowing you to offer yourself a development rock star hyper motivated and involved in the success of your company’s project? 

Help the company to structure its teams and its projects 

Contrary to what one might think, outsourcing all or part of its IT development requires the company to adopt a strict work methodology. Having complete customer satisfaction from a distance presupposes having extremely structured production processes. The outsource App Development Project, whether in UAE or abroad, helps the company to progress in its internal organization  Any company that develops IT projects, even in agile mode, needs to structure its organization and its team. It is even a necessity if there are more than 7-8 internal developers or if the technical teams are spread over several sites. A methodology that Boca say masters to perfection: “We have developed a certain knowledge of what works in terms of methodologies applied to remote offshore technical team management”, confirms Romaine Juliet. Project monitoring tools, source code monitoring tools, process implementation, agile method, etc. Boca say provides all the tools and supports you in the success of your development project thanks to offshore IT subcontracting.

HR flexibility and meeting deadlines

Limited bandwidth, tight schedule or occasional increase in activity, having recourse to an offshore partner makes it possible to better manage load changes. Offshore outsourcing provides flexibility since it is a service. If tomorrow the volume of projects decreases, it is easier to reduce the size of the outsourced team than to lay off internally. Apart from the financial aspect, calling on a service provider allows you to quickly find qualified technical resources to strengthen your internal teams. Which, in a period that is changing as fast as ours, is essential to stay in the race against its competitors? With more than 50 developers in Madagascar on numerous technologies, Boca say is able to constitute and assemble a dedicated efficient team in less than 3 months to support you in the development of your production capacity.

Conclusion: should IT offshore be integrated into its strategic thinking?

Today the competition is international. All sectors can see the arrival of new startups that are rapidly taking market share. Offshoring is therefore a necessity for companies wishing to be competitive. Note, using an offshore service provider does not require outsourcing all technical skills, on the contrary! The customer must master his technical environment, he must therefore have in-house expert skills capable of designing the web or software application since this is his core business. We should therefore not seek to replace the technical teams in UAE but give them the means to achieve their objectives at reasonable costs Folio3 feedlot management software. The offshore developers therefore come to strengthen the technical team in place at the customer to ensure continuous production and maintenance according to the company’s strategy.


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