The Journey of Karan Johar’s Kids: Yash and Roohi


Karan Johar, the renowned Indian filmmaker, is not only known for his exceptional work in the film industry but also for his personal life. In 2017, he became a father to twins through surrogacy, and since then, his kids Yash and Roohi have become the center of attention. Let’s take a closer look at the journey of Karan Johar’s kids and the impact they have had on his life.

The Decision to Opt for Surrogacy

Before the arrival of Yash and Roohi, Karan Johar had expressed his desire to become a parent. However, due to his busy schedule and lack of a partner, he decided to opt for surrogacy. This decision was not only a personal one but also a step towards breaking the stigma surrounding single parenthood in India.

By choosing surrogacy, Karan Johar opened up a dialogue about alternative methods of starting a family and challenged societal norms. His decision inspired many others who were facing similar circumstances and gave them hope that they too could experience the joy of parenthood.

Their Names and Their Meaning

When it came to naming his children, Karan Johar chose names that hold a special significance in his life. Yash, named after his late father, is a tribute to the man who played a significant role in shaping Karan’s life and career. Roohi, on the other hand, is an anagram of his mother’s name, Hiroo Johar.

These names not only reflect Karan Johar’s deep-rooted emotions but also serve as a reminder of the love and support he received from his parents. It is a beautiful way of keeping their memories alive and passing on their legacy to the next generation.

Parenting Style and Challenges

As a single parent, Karan Johar has had to adapt to the challenges of raising two children on his own. He has been open about the difficulties he faced initially, such as sleepless nights and the overwhelming responsibility of being a parent.

However, Karan Johar’s parenting style is characterized by love, affection, and a strong sense of responsibility. He ensures that his children receive the best of everything and is actively involved in their upbringing. From celebrating their birthdays in grand style to sharing adorable moments on social media, Karan Johar leaves no stone unturned in creating a nurturing environment for his kids.

The Impact on Karan Johar’s Life

The arrival of Yash and Roohi has brought immense joy and fulfillment to Karan Johar’s life. He has often expressed how his children have become the center of his universe and have given him a new purpose in life.

Being a father has also had a profound impact on Karan Johar’s career. He has become more selective in his work, prioritizing projects that align with his values as a parent. This shift in focus has allowed him to create content that resonates with a wider audience and reflects his personal growth as an individual.

Their Public Presence

Yash and Roohi may be just toddlers, but they have already become social media sensations. Karan Johar frequently shares adorable pictures and videos of his kids, giving his fans a glimpse into their lives.

While some may argue that exposing children to the public eye at such a young age can be detrimental, Karan Johar ensures that their privacy is respected. He strikes a balance between sharing precious moments and protecting their innocence.

Their Future

As Yash and Roohi grow older, their future remains uncertain. However, one thing is for sure – they will continue to be showered with love and support from their doting father.

Karan Johar’s journey as a parent has been an inspiration to many. He has shattered stereotypes, redefined the meaning of family, and shown that love knows no boundaries. Yash and Roohi are not just Karan Johar’s kids; they are symbols of hope, resilience, and the power of unconditional love.


Karan Johar’s decision to become a single parent through surrogacy has not only brought immense joy to his life but has also challenged societal norms. Yash and Roohi, named after significant people in Karan Johar’s life, have become the center of his universe. Despite the challenges of single parenthood, Karan Johar has embraced his role as a father with love and affection. His journey as a parent has inspired many and opened up a dialogue about alternative methods of starting a family. Yash and Roohi’s presence on social media has given fans a glimpse into their lives while ensuring their privacy is respected. As they grow older, their future remains uncertain, but one thing is certain – they will continue to be loved unconditionally by their doting father.


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