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How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley



Stardew Valley is a popular farming simulation game that offers players a wide range of activities to enjoy. One essential resource in the game is clay, which is used for crafting and construction purposes. In this article, we will explore various methods to obtain clay in Stardew Valley, along with some tips and tricks to maximize your clay collection.

1. Digging up Worms

One of the easiest ways to obtain clay in Stardew Valley is by digging up worms. These worms can be found in the ground and are indicated by small wiggling spots on the surface. Using a hoe, players can dig up these spots to reveal various items, including clay. It is important to note that not every worm spot will yield clay, but it is worth checking them regularly as they can be a consistent source of this resource.

2. Panning in the River

Panning is another method to obtain clay in Stardew Valley. Players can purchase a pan from the blacksmith for 2,000 gold. Once you have the pan, head to the river and use it to sift through the water. Panning has a chance to yield various items, including clay. It is recommended to pan in areas where the water is flowing, as it increases the chances of finding clay.

3. Breaking Geodes

Geodes are mysterious stones that can be found while mining in Stardew Valley. These stones can be taken to the blacksmith to be broken open, revealing various minerals and resources, including clay. It is advisable to save up a few geodes before visiting the blacksmith to maximize your chances of obtaining clay. Additionally, upgrading your pickaxe will allow you to break open geodes more efficiently.

4. Fishing

Fishing in Stardew Valley not only provides a relaxing activity but can also be a source of clay. While fishing, players have a chance to catch treasure chests. These chests can contain a variety of items, including clay. It is worth noting that the chances of finding clay in treasure chests are relatively low, but it can still be a pleasant surprise while enjoying the fishing mechanics of the game.

5. Trading with the Desert Trader

The Desert Trader, located in the Calico Desert, offers a rotating selection of items for trade. One of the items that can occasionally be available for trade is clay. Players can exchange other resources or items for clay at the Desert Trader’s shop. It is recommended to check the shop regularly to see if clay is available for trade.


Obtaining clay in Stardew Valley is essential for crafting and construction purposes. By digging up worms, panning in the river, breaking geodes, fishing, and trading with the Desert Trader, players can acquire clay to fulfill their in-game needs. Remember to explore different methods and be patient, as clay may not always be readily available. Happy farming!

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