Getting the Best Car Transport Quote

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Moving is generally a stressful affair, and the stress of moving is likely to increase when you have to move something as big as a car. Coordinating the movement of your vehicle from point A to B can be a bit overwhelming. That is why many people would opt to enlist the services of an auto transport company to ship their vehicles eliminating the hassle and stress of having to drive it themselves or have someone else drive it for them.

Auto transport is a professional service offered by car transporting companies where they use trucks or trailers to move your vehicle from one location to another. All you have you do is drop it off, or they pick it up at the agreed-upon location, and then they deliver it to your desired address or as legally and as safely close to the address as possible (in some cases). The comfort of knowing that professional shippers are shipping your car makes auto transportation worth it.

Nevertheless, if you are considering using a car shipping company, one of the main questions probably bugging your mind is “How much is this going to cost to ship your car?” In America on average, car shipping costs about $1.96/mile for short distances (1-500 miles), $0.93/mile for medium distances (501-1500 miles) and $0.58/mile for long distances (1500+ miles). However, it is essential to note that the cost of shipping your car will not be limited to distance. Other factors like how the vehicle is transported, when it is transported, and it’s functionality come into play when it comes to calculating car shipping rates. These rates are usually calculated uniquely for each customer depending on these factors, and they may vary from each company. To find the best rates you need to compare and contrast the quotes from different shipping companies and find the best quote rates that suit all your needs. So how exactly do you go about getting an auto transport quote?

First things first, to get an accurate quote, you need the following information:

  • Vehicle’s year, make and model
  • The operational status of the car- does it run
  • Preference for shipping transport options that is, open or closed carrier
  • Pick-up and drop-off dates
  • Pick-up and drop off city or ZIP

With this information, you can quickly get a quote from whichever option you choose. You can decide to get a quote straight from the company of your choice’s website where you put in your car’s details, and voila, you get a quote sent to you. You can also choose to call the company and get their cost per mile and multiply it to the distance your car will travel to get a rough estimate of how much it might cost. You can also opt to use multi-quote marketplaces like u-ship to get multiple quotes from different companies on one page. It makes it much simpler to compare and contrast and find the best quote that suits your particular needs.

Once you get a quote, you can work with; you can quickly begin the process of getting your car shipped.


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