Gartner: By 2024, 65% of all companies will develop with low code

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The future of software development is low code. At least when it comes to the analysis and market research company Gartner. This predicted that by 2024, 65% of all applications would be created using low code. In this article, we show you how to get there. There are also exciting insights on the German low-code

The demands on development teams have changed rapidly in recent years. Cloud, web and mobile technologies, conversational interfaces and other user interfaces (keyword: AR) meet growing demands from the specialist departments and end users. Or as Watts S. Humphrey once put it: “Every business is a software business.”

With all of these trends, there has been a growing shortage of skilled workers in recent years. The need for trained software developers is constantly increasing. According to Statist 2019, 990,000 people are already working in the field of IT services and software. Compared to 2014 – with 741,000 people – this is an increase of 33.6% in the past 5 years.

Despite the growth in occupied IT positions, the lack of IT experts is also growing. According to the industry association Bytom, the IT skills shortage peaked in 2018 with 82,000 vacancies. This number has doubled since 2014. At the same time, 82% of all companies in Germany find that there is a shortage of IT specialists (2018). In 2014, it was “only” 54% of all companies that thought so.

75% of all companies use at least 4 low-code tools

The market research institute Gartner has a clear answer to the shortage of skilled workers. For example, it predicts that by 2024 75% of all large companies will use at least 4 different low-code development tools. By now, more than 65% of all companies will use low code as an alternative in Website development.

John Rhymer of analysis firm Forrester has coined the term “low code” in the past decade, and he too agrees with the forecasts. John Rhymer recently showed at the first German-language low-code conference, Low-Code Day Berlin that 33% of IT teams in Germany would like to implement a low-code development platform over the next 12 months. 

Every company is a low-code company

Let’s take a brief look at the situation in German-speaking countries in detail. Thanks to a joint study (August 2019) by dimensional research and Mended, we can use the following low-code statistics for the German-speaking countries.

For example, around half (51 percent) of companies in the DACH region want to develop first applications using low code by 2020 at the latest. And 71 percent of the companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland said they would implement low-code projects within the next two years.

A very remarkable development. Is this solely due to the lack of developers? Or are there other reasons for using low-code developer tools?

This article is written by Jack mark who is a marketer and consultant Folio3 Food Safety Software Company. He also writes for different tech media.


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