And you think you’re going to make a TikTok? Five Learning Things from Allison Holker & Stephen “Twitch”

Who doesn’t like TikTok with the stars?!

If you’re like us, it is possible that you would have met Allison Holker and Stephen ‘tWitch’ boss’ Instagram and TikTok, who feed over quarantine. It’s possible that their workouts, smooth gestures, and frank moments in the family have been more than impressive.

But you may want to hear about the stars before you finish every post is well planned.

“We have been together for 10 years and my husband and I are professionals dancing. News while celebrating the # ProtectTheFun campaign of Banana Boat only. “We very well know each other. We know the patterns and gestures of each other. That’s what has brought us together and brought us together as a family.”

“We all feel together as if — this would sound insane — we are dancing in the club together,” added the pro stars “that’s how you think you should dance and dance.

Rather, Allison and tWitch spend their day at home to find ways to entertain their children. TikTok has been a nice experience for the squad, as it turns out.

Allison told us that “I think many parents have these theories on what it is.” “You may all have the wrong side, like any social network, but you take a good look at it. Children are having challenges.

Here’s what we heard from Allison and tWitch before you posted your next TikTok.

1. Imperfect Is Perfect: If you spend too much time browsing or perfecting your tweet on Instagram, chances are TikTok is a different experience. “I like Tiktok personally, rather than being that ideal, it looks like real people’s eyes,” shared Allison. “I see the messy homes of men, men without any make-up. You should look at TikTok as a way to be together and who you are.”

2. Spread Awareness: Allison and tWitch have taken part in last month’s “test your privilege contest.” TikTok and Instagram have become viral and have praised the pair for their visibility. “I’ve had so many people tell me that they felt the video far deeper than we ever realized,” Allison admitted. “I just want to be in every way I can and the best I know, the greatest supporter of all media.”

3. Make it a Family Affair: Her older kid was not pleased when Allison first joined TIkTok. But the whole boss — The Holker team, when Mom got the groove, agreed to participate. “You are too tired, Mother. Stop dancing. But then her school-girlfriends say, ‘You mommy so sweet.’ And she’s like, ‘I know, I tell her to do that.’ Now, my daughter thinks I’m really good.” I guess I guess that’s all right. “We were never cool to her, but she now claims that I’m great on TikTok.”

4. Keep It Moving: Allison and tWitch took part in the Boss Family Workouts during the quarantine. Thousands of people have seen the videos and encouraged many families to travel. “From the age of eleven I have always known I’ve been sent here to bring joy through dance,” explained Allison. “I have felt this always in my heart. Because of this positive reaction, I am very humble. I want to support others.”

5. Build Your Community: Allison said that over 10 000 people have broken the sweat with her while speaking of the boss family workouts. Most followers, who she calls BFFs or Boss Family Friends, also sent videos to participate. “There’s something about dance bringing people up,” she said.

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