3 Tips to Score Deals on Your Favorite Products


Everyone loves getting a good deal, but sometimes certain products are your favorites at any price. Even if it costs a bit more than a competitor, that higher price tag can be worth it if it ensures you’re getting a product you’ll truly love. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on all your favorite products. From toting a reusable bag on your way to the grocery store to finding the version of a product that’s right for you, a bit of thought and effort will let you buy your favorite products guilt-free. 

1. Do your research before buying. 

One of the easiest ways to spend more money than you have to on a purchase is by not doing adequate research before you head to the checkout. In this way, many frugal shoppers actually hurt their budgeting efforts. When they purchase the cheapest version of a product, it may not meet their expectations. Then, they end up having to pay for another—often more expensive—version in addition to the upfront cost of the inferior product. The same logic applies to purchasing an item because of its “hype.”

Consider, for example, that you’re looking for a face mask to keep you safe & healthy through the COVID-19 and beyond. Lately, they’ve been easy to find just about anywhere you go, but if you aren’t taking time to find a suitable face mask for you, you can easily waste a small fortune in trial and error. For example, the first mask you find on sale might be convenient, but will it fit your face? Taking the time to look up the best face masks for men, specifically, will help make sure the face mask you choose will fit your face well and work effectively. Are you worried about sensitive skin or breakouts? Research the best face mask for your skin type, or research the best face masks for avoiding acne. 

2. Pick the right types of products.


On a similar note, taking the time to find the best version of a product for you will make a big difference in your savings. Like with comparing products more generally, this bit of research can save you from purchasing unnecessary duplicates. Many products come in various styles and formulations, each designed to work for a particular type of client. Your role here is to figure out which one will work best for you. 

For instance, you might have your heart set on purchasing the best-selling blazer you saw on a celebrity or in your favorite fashion magazine. The reviews are glowing—it’s a fashionable jacket that’s as striking in the boardroom as it will be out on the town. But, if you’re on the smaller side, you might find that it simply doesn’t look right on your body type. In this case, it’s worth researching whether that brand or a similar one has a petite line. A petite blazer will have all the qualities you love with a better fit. This makes for a great option without juggling store returns or excess clutter in your closet—not to mention the added cost of buying multiples. 

3. Save money—and make money—while you shop. 


One of the simplest ways to save money on your favorite products is to avoid unnecessary fees or charges. If you can afford to pay cash, or can’t pay it off promptly, don’t use your credit card at checkout and find yourself adding interest fees to your shopping trip. Know that the local grocery outlet charges a fee for each paper or plastic bag? Pack a few reusable shopping bags before heading out to grocery shop. They’re lightweight enough to add to your purse or keep in your car. Not only will you avoid that fee (they add up quickly!), but you’ll have an eco-friendly canvas option that’s more durable than your average plastic or paper bag. This makes it a great way to save even more money—there’s little to no risk of your groceries crashing through and going to waste as they roll across the parking lot. 

Similarly, you can find ways to make money off your purchase, too. If your credit card offers excellent rewards, for example, you may use it to gain cash-back or other benefits from your purchase (this, of course, works best when you’re paying off the balance without the addition of interest rates). If you don’t have quality rewards Mastercard or Visa options available, look into cash-back programs that reward your spending regardless. A purchase you were planning to make anyway can help you earn money, gift cards, or other exciting benefits. 

With tips like these in mind, you can buy all your favorite brands and products, whether they’re accessories or reusable bags, and get the best deals possible in the process. Whether you’re saving money upfront, raking in rewards for your purchases, or simply taking the time to make sure your first purchase is the right one—and avoiding additional costs in the process—you can shop smart and save more. 



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