Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before And After
Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery – Star Chooses Surgery Although She Is Just 32

Isn’t Whitney Cummings Too Young To Choose Plastic Surgery?

In regard to possible surgeries, we think that Whitney Cummings plastic surgery of choice was lip augmentation and possibly cheek implants. Whitney Cummings PhotosAlong with this, she probably had some botox injections, because her eyebrows appear higher than before.All of these plastic surgeries have been done very professionally, and the result is good, however, difference is evident.

Whitney Cummings is only 32 years old, so one would logically believe that there is no way why would this young woman choose a plastic surgery to improve her look. However, it seems that in entertainment industry is never too early to improve look surgically. When we look at Whitney’s previous photos and new ones, it is evident that her appearance has changed significantly.

Whitney Cummings Photos Although we can debate over necessity to use plastic surgery as way to improve one’s look, it is evident that in case of Whitney Cummings change has been widely acknowledged, and not in a positive way. Whitney has received lot of attention for her surgical improvements of look, and she wasn’t happy for that. She would have been much happier if she has received public attention only for her professional achievements. One must say that she was indeed very successful so far. She is a great actress and a producer, and despite the fact that she is so young, she has managed to create several movies and TV shows that have reached sky-high popularity, such as: NBC Whitney and CBS 2 Broke Girls.

Whitney Cummings is a young star and was in the public eye ever since she was a teen, so she has probably felt the need to make her look as best as possible. Having a lip augmentation and botox injections probably seemed as a good idea, so she just went ahead and did it. Luckily, both of the procedures went well and gave generally good results.

How Did Plastic Surgeries Affect Whitney Cummings Look?

Whitney Cummings Photos When we look Whitney Cummings plastic surgery before and after photos, it is evident that her facial features appear different, primarily due to the fact that she has lost quite a lot of weight and appears skinnier and slimmer than at the beginning of the career. Her lips appear fuller and larger, and there is evident difference in their size and volume.

When anaylzing other changes in her look, it has to be noted that her cheek bones appear more prominent and defined, which is the reason why we believe she has had cheek implants. Additionally, her eyebrows appear to be higher than before, which can be due to botox injections.

Whitney Cummings has chosen to have plastic surgeries before she got any wrinkles and before there was a need for any anti-aging procedures. She obviously wanted to improve her look surgically, and has managed to do it with a solid success.Paris Hilton has had boob job as a very young woman, as well as Kaley Cuoco, who has had boob job when she was just 18-and says that this was the best decision in her life. What is your opinion on having plastic surgery when woman is this young and obviously just feels insecure about her look? Is it ok to have plastic surgery to feel better about your own physical  appearance that is completely normal and pleasing even without a surgery?

What is your opinion on the success of Whitney Cummings plastic surgery? Please feel free to share your thoughts about the result of her plastic surgeries, and how successful were they.

Whitney Cummings MeasurementsWhitney Cummings Body Statistics :

*Body measurements : 32-26-33

*Bra Size : 32 B

*Height : 5′ 10”

*Weight : 120 lbs

*Shoe Size : 8

*Dress size : 2

*Eye color: brown

*Hair Color: brown