Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After
Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery – Would You Have Made The Same Decision?

Whenever You Feel Like There’s Something About Yourself You Don’t Like, You Have Two Choices: Either Start Working Out Or See A Plastic Surgeon

For anyone in the know about plastic surgery in general can be said to have probably had a procedure or two done themselves. Although this is in no respect a general rule, it’s rooted in the fact that an increasing number of people all around the world are facing their inner perfectionists by visiting a plastic surgeon. Wendy Williams plastic surgery is surely one of the most recognized headlines on the Internet in recent times, as the popular show host went in for several “tidy ups” and came clean about it right away. Now, this might sound strange to you and everyone else who’s used to celebrities hiding their corrective surgery scars like catholic priests their affinities for young boys, but it’s true, ladies and gentlemen – Wendy Williams told no lies when it comes to the procedure she had performed on herself; what’s more, she walks them around with pride (to the great satisfaction of men worldwide).

Come on, you all know who Wendy Williams is – she’s tall, big, loud and vigorous; quite a woman, in a nutshell. Approaching the sixth decade of her life, Mrs. Williams has achieved more than millions of people ever could: she is a published author, good actress and one of the most renowned US media personalities, in addition to having her own TV talk show. She also has a particular love for plastic surgery, which is the main reason why she was one of the most talked about people in the media a while back – much controversy surrounded her due to a series of plastic surgery procedures that she had undergone.

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The “Wendy Williams before plastic surgery” version was said to be discontent with what Mother Nature had granted her in the breasts department. Today, only a blind man would claim that Wendy hasn’t had a breast augmentation procedure done. This is something that was hugely criticized by the public ever since she first said it out loud after the actual procedure in 2009. Comments that her breasts looked unnatural and fake did not seem to bother her much; in addition to breast augmentation, Wendy also admitted to liposuction as another procedure that she had done to feel better about the way she looks. This is something that she did after giving birth to a son, and you all know what pregnancy can do to a woman’s body.

Even The Best Surgeons In The World Cannot Hide Their Work From The Ever Present Lens Of A Camera

Wendy Williams Photos Furthermore, when one takes a look at a number of different pictures of Wendy Williams before plastic surgery, one cannot escape the impression that more than just her breasts and stomach has been the subject of touching up. You’ve probably heard of read different claims and comments that this successful fashion designer, business woman and above all versatile person has done a nose job. Again, this is nothing out of the ordinary for Wendy, who is an attested supporter of plastic surgery in general. She has already confessed to having underwent various procedures of plastic surgery already and a nose job is nothing to be surprised about.

A rhinoplasty, which is the medical term for a nose job, can be done for health issues primarily, instead of just esthetic reasons. Whichever reason lies behind Wendy’s decision to go in for this procedure, it’s interesting that she still hasn’t come clean about this particular part of her body. But, regardless of the fact the she remains to stay silent on the issue, even the untrained eye can easily spot the difference between pictures taken before and after some time: her “new” nose is less bulbous and thick at the tip, in addition to being much more clearly defined.

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Wendy Williams Photos Wendy Williams is rare in the sense that she is one of the selected few who openly and publicly admit to having done plastic surgery procedures, although she obviously doesn’t want to admit to all of them. But, this is a game in which every step counts, even the smallest one. On the other hand, a great majority of the celebrities who also like to “go under the knife” every once in a while don’t want to admit it. They pretend that it’s not obvious and that the public doesn’t have eyes or a brain. For example, celebrities like Britney Spears, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and many, many others act like there’s no way of telling whether they’ve changed their appearance, even if it is something as “minor” as a couple of Botox injections. Either way, kudos to you Wendy for keeping it real (at least partially) and being honest about your body, both to yourself and to other people.

Wendy Williams Body Statistics :

Wendy Williams MeasurementsThere’s probably no need to say it, but Wendy is also referred to as the Queen of Plastic Surgery; when one takes a look at her measurements, it becomes clear why:

  • 41-30-40 inches (breasts-waist-hips);
  • 175 lbs. (weight);
  • FF/G (cup);
  • 5 ft. 11 in (height);
  • 34FF/34G (cup size);
  • 11 (feet/shoe);
  • 12 (dress size).

How do you feel about what Wendy has done to (for) herself? Do you like it or not? Do you think that she’s gone overboard or do you think she’s one of those women who can carry virtually anything and still look good? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.