Vladimir Putin Net Worth

Vladimir Putin Net Worth
How much is Vladimir Putin worth:

  • Full Name: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
  • Net Worth: $70 Billion
  • Occupation: Politician, world leader
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Russian

Vladimir Putin Net Worth – World’s Second Richest Personality

Vladimir Putin Net Worth And His Early Life And Career

Putin was born on October 7, 1952. His mother worked in a factory and his father was in soviet navy.  Putin was the youngest among three brothers. The name of his autobiography is “Ot pervogo Litsa”. He attended school no 193 in Baskov lane. From childhood onwards Putin took keen interest in heroics of soviet warriors in world war second. He was also a sportsperson during her college days. Putin enrolled for pursuing law in Leningrad State University in the year 1970. He was an also the member of communist party of the Soviet Union from his early college days. During his college days Putin met Anatoly Sobchak, who later played an important part in shaping Putin’s career. Putin also became the member of KGB in his graduation days in the year 1975. He later became the chief directorate and his job was to monitor the activities of foreigners in the Leningrad.  Putin’s mastery over political games and his hard work had made earned him net worth of $70 billion.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth And Political Life

Vladimir Putin PicturesPutin was appointed as the internal affairs advisor to Anatoly Sobchak. Later he also became the head of external affairs committee at mayor’s office in Saint Petersburg. Putin also joined a political party named “our Home is Russia.” When Putin reached Moscow he was made the deputy chief of the department of presidential property and management. His job was to transfer assets from the Soviet Union to the Russian federation. Putin was selected as the chief of presidential Staff by President Boris Yeltsin. The main turn in his life came when he became one of the deputy Prime Ministers in 1999; this was his first stint as the premier of Russia. After seeing Putin’s fabulous work President Boris Yeltsin said that he wanted Putin to be his successor. Putin was glad to hear this and filed his nomination for presidency. Putin was brilliant in matters of maintaining law and order in the country, he also played an important part in the second Chechen war, and these successful ventures by Putin made him a huge public image in Russia. As Putin was not a member of any political party he lent his support to the newly established Unity Party. Putin became the acting President in 1999 when Yeltsin resigned from the post unexpectedly. His first official president ship term started from 2000, during his tenure Putin was criticized in Kursk Submarine disaster case. Putin was instrumental in pulling out Russia from poverty, and started in infrastructure programs to improve the life of people of Russia. Putin was excellent when he later used is fiscal policies in tackling the 2008 Global depression and Financial crisis.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth And Foreign Relations

Putin never had favorable relations with the Europe and the US. He criticized them of their policies relating to nuclear warfare programs. He said that every country is free to develop its nuclear energy and warfare. He openly criticized NATO for carrying out operations in Libya and Syria. Putin said that Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi was killed under a plan to overtake the oil Resources of Libya. His relation with US hit all time low when he gave asylum to Edward Snowden who leaked the important information about NSA. President Barack Obama didn’t paid visit at 2014 Winter Olympics to demonstrating Boycott. Putin was also criticized for appreciating Iran’s nuclear program.Vladimir Putin Photos

Vladimir Putin Net Worth, Personal Life And Hobbies

Putin married Lyudmila shkrebneva in 1983. There was a lot of tension in between the relation s of the couple as Putin was alleged to have extra marital affair with other women. In 2013 Putin divorced Lyudmila. He had seen many ups and downs in his life like Ramona Singer as they both suffered the pain of divorce. The couple had 2 daughters Mariya Putina and Yektiya Putina. Putin has love for sports and is excellent in Martial arts, Ice hockey and Ice skating.