Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before And After
Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery – How She Managed To Have The Unmistakable Makeover

Vivica Fox plastic surgery has become a wide talk. She enlarged her breast and draw eyelid plus reshape her lips. With lots of collagen, botox and fillers going on, Vivica has made herself a great performer. The African American singer has the sexy hourglass shape with that sensual curves all the right places.

Born in a happy and rich family has made Vivica understands how to be a lady with graceful attitude. You can say that she never dresses cheap or going out in public drunk. But who would have thought the confident lady chose to have plastic surgeries to boost her self esteem back then?

African American Actress With Plastic Surgeries

Vivica Fox PicturesMelanie B is one of the performer who did several cosmetic surgeries to her body. She had boob job and nose job for the least. The ex Spice Girls member definitely strives through her reality show and she spent her fortune to make over her body to make it more appealing. Other African American Celeb with cool transformation is Tyra Bank. The supermodel really puts effort to change her look as she gets prettier and younger each time we see her.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The great performer shows a significant changes on her look. When you compare the two picture of her, she does not age a bit! Additionaly, this TV personality is definitely taking the highway to reach that kind of beauty. Many have debated about her hotness that’s getting increased. Showing off her cleavage and noting that no frowns on her face. She is looking hotter than ever.

Vivica Fox Breast Implants

Vivica Fox Photos Many Theories Explained Her Transformation

The experts believe that Vivica could have gone more than just fillers or botox. There are several strategies that she used to fill in the aging gap. The theories are more about the rhinoplasty that made her nose a bit pointier plus the breast implants that made her cleavage looks more visible.

Vivica Fox Breast Implants

By all mean, Vivica was already a goddess when she appeared on your TV. But she felt it was not enough. And then she started to have more. Her cup is getting bigger in size and her breasts are getting rounder. It looks unnatural because of her natural frame. She was not supposed to have that large breasts. The news widely spread because she was caught on camera ‘wearing’ that different boob.

Lip Surgery

Vivica Fox Photos She was having that sensual lips. Then it starts to change along with her breasts size. Her lips are plumpier. In a single glance you can spot a different cue of her change. It is not an exaggeration that between months, her face somehow changed. The frame is different now because her lips are wider and how could it expand on its own?


The nose job did make a great result on her face. Vivica Fox has the uncovered face in public when the press started to capture the difference. She has higher nasal scaffolds. It becomes slimmer somehow. That could not be the help from cosmetics. She can’t really hide that difference when she appears in public with the new nose shape.

Everyone notices the different. Even when the picture is not standing side by side, you can still manage to look at the difference. The photos of Vivica only states several changes that we might be able to see and compare. She inspires African American ladies to be a rock star but her act actually encourage them to have plastic surgery to make them more beautiful. Regarding her change, Vivica never once mention about her plastic surgeries in public.

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Vivica Fox Body Statistics :

Vivica Fox MeasurementsHeight : 5’7″ (170 cm)

Weight : 143 lbs (65 kg)

Dress size : 12

Body measurement : 40-28-39 inches

Shoe/Feet : 8

Bra size : 36D