Vince Vaughn Net Worth

Vince Vaughn Net Worth
How much is Vince Vaughn worth:

  • Full Name: Vincent Anthony Vaughn
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer
  • Marital Status: Married to Keyla Weber
  • Ethnicity: White

How Much Is Vince Vaughn Net Worth?

Vince Vaughn net worth is estimated to be 50 million dollars. He is mostly known as an actor and a comedian but he is also a producer and a screenwriter. All these can be attributed to his large net worth. He has featured in a number of successful movies and earned substantial amount of money. Vince Vaughn has also garnered a large fan base, from all over the world.  To understand, why he is worth this much, it is best to learn about his life, briefly.

Vince Vaughn Career Life

Vince was born in 1970, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and he was raised there too. He went to school at Lake Forest High School. As a teenager, he had a thing for baseball, wrestling and football. However, as he has revealed in most of his interviews, athletics was not for him. For those who know him, they term Vince as funny from the time he was in school. He would joke about anything. He terms his mother, Sharon Eileen, as his greatest pillar. She was highly determined and even at one time Bloomberg, regarded Vince Vaughn mother as one of the leading money managers in the country. Her drive made the son, to grow up knowing that hard work always bears fruit.

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As he tried to establish his career in acting, he faced many challenges. However, his adamant attitude finally paid and he got his first role in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, a movie by Steven Spielberg. Here he played as Nick Van Owen.  Although he is best known for his appearances in comedies, he has also acted in other films among them “Into the World”. He also assisted in the production of his own movie “The Dilema”. Besides, he is a skillful screenwriter and he co-wrote the film “Couples Retreat”. He also got a leading role in the movie. Vince is also the producer for “Four Christmases”, “Made” and “Wild West Comedy Show”. He was also the producer of Fred Claus.

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Vince Vaughn Outside Filming And Acting

At one time, he was in the headlines for being unfaithful to Jennifer Aniston.  In 2006, they went separate ways but to date they are still friends to each other. Today, Vince Vaughn wife is Kyla Weber, who is a realtor. The couple has a daughter, who they got in 2010, a year after their wedding.

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That is Vince Vaughn net worth at a glance.