Vince Neil Net Worth

Vince Neil Net Worth
How much is
Vince Neil worth:

  • Full Name: Vincent Neil Wharton
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Musician, songwriter
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: White

Vince Neil Net Worth – How Rich Is The Music Star?

Vince Neil net worth is stated to be $50 million. He is known as a popular singer, who sings in the music band “Motley Crue”, together with the likes of Tommy Lee.  He is one promising musician, who has gone against all odds, to cut himself a niche in the music industry. His enormous net worth tells it all. How has he been able to gather this much? Learning about his life briefly, can answer this question best.

Vince Neil Early Life And Career

He was born Hollywood, California. While still a child, Vince Neil’s parents went to settle in Glendora. He started his formal education in Sunflower Intermediate School and later proceeded to Royal Oak High School. As he grew up, he began to have interest in music. He did not know that the music career would make him worth tens of millions later.  Besides, he was also involved in various sports including basketball, surfing, football and baseball.

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His music career started in the band “Rock Candy”. His breakthrough came in 1980, when his talent was recognized as he performed with the band.  A year later, he joined the band “Motley Crue”, which was formed by Tommy Lee. The band would later become very famous. This opportunity came when he met Tommy and the two became friends. Luckily, for him, the band, which comprised of Tommy, Mick Mars and Nicki Sixx, was at the time looking for another member and nobody could have fit in better than their newfound friend could, Vince Neil could.

In the same year he joined the group, they produced an album, which was titled “Too Fast for Love”. 1983 came and they were at it again, when they released their hit album “Shout at the Devil”. Its sales boosted Vinceneil net worth as well as that of the group members.  After two years, they produced “Theatre of Pain”. In 1987, they got even more popularity than they had garnered after “Shout at the Devil”. This was after they released “Girls, Girls, Girls”, which performed amicably. While all these albums increased their worth, “Dr. Feelgood”, is the album that gave them the most earnings and made their individual net worth to shoot up.

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Vince Neil quit the band and chose to run a solo career. He also ventured into racing and he has raced severally. He even came up with Vince Neil Racing. But, his career in racing was short lived. He got into an accident and had to quit. That is when he went back to music and entered into a contract with Warner Brothers. The deal amounted to four million dollars and it was a huge boost to Vince Neil net worth. Neil has also been involved in cancer awareness after he lost his daughter.

What Of His Personal Life

Vince Neil has married four times. His first marriage was in 1981 with Beth Lynn and the fourth Vince Neil wife was Lia Gerardini, whom they married in 2005 and divorced in 2010.

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Now you have an idea of why Vince Neil, owns all this money.