Usain Bolt Net Worth

Usain Bolt Net Worth
How much is Usain Bolt worth:

  • Full Name: Usain St. Leo Bolt
  • Net Worth: $30 Million
  • Occupation: Track and field athlete
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: Jamaican

Usain Bolt Net Worth – Cash Worth Of This “Lightening Bolt”

Usain Bolt Net Worth And His Speedy Sprints

This Jamaican sprinter is considered as the fastest man on earth. Since the compulsion of fully automatic time measurements in 1977, he is the first person to hold the both the 200-meter and 100-meter world records. In 4×100 meters relay he has also set a record with his teammates. He is the first man to become an eight-time world champion and to win 6 Olympic gold medals in sprinting. He was also the first man to hit the target of winning 100-meter and 200-meter titles in consecutive Olympics in the year 2008 and 2012. Bolt made a hat-trick of world titles in 200-meter by winning his third straight goal at 2013 World Championships in Moscow. Since the beginning of automatic time measurements Bolt’s 2009 record breaking margin of 9.58 seconds from 9.69 seconds (that was his previous world record) is the highest. Usain Bolt net worth is US$30 million and he is the highest paid athlete.

Usain Bolt Net Worth And His Early Career

Usain Bolt PicturesHe was born on 21st August 1986 in Sherwood Content, Jamaica. Bolt became the fastest runner over 100-meter distance in school by the age of 12. Dwayne Jarrett and former Olympic Sprint Athlete Pablo Mc Neil coached Bolt and helped him in nurturing his athletic abilities. In the year 2001 Bolt got his first annual high school championship medal. In such championship he got silver medal in 200-meter race with 22.04 seconds. He presented himself on the world stage at IAAF World Youth Championships in Debrecen, Hungary in the year 2001 but he couldn’t qualify for the finals. Bolt won the 200-meter title and became the youngest world junior gold medalist at the age of 15.  He was awarded with the prestigious Austin Sealy Trophy in 2004 CARIFTA Games for the most outstanding athlete. Bolt found himself more boosted for taking serious and mature towards his career after winning the silver medals from the 2007 Osaka World Championships. He has the successful sporting career like OJ Simpson and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Usain Bolt Net Worth And His Achievements

He has got the nick name “Lightning Bolt” from the media. He has won several awards that comprise of Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for three times, Track & Field Athlete of the Year, and IAAF World Athlete of the Year. He has become the most successful athlete in the history of 30 years of athletic world championships by winning three gold medals in 2013 World Championships.

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Usain Bolt Net Worth And His Personal Life

Bolt loves to dance and he is quite relaxed in his personal life. Before racing competitively Bolt is known for making the sign of cross. He is also fond of music and he showed it to the world in the year 2010 in Paris when he played reggae DJ. He also likes cricket and he admitted that if he wasn’t a sprinter then he would be a pace bowler. Sachin Tendulkar, Matthew Hayden, Chris Gayle, Waqar Younis etc. are some of his favorite cricketers.  Bolt is also the admirer of Manchester United. He was specially invited by the Manchester United in 2011 UEFA Champions League Final in London. He is really a nice human being with immense potential and will to stay at the top.

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