Trey Parker Net Worth

Trey Parker Net Worth
How much is Trey Parker worth:

  • Full Name: Randolph Seven “Trey” Parker III popularly known as Trey Parker
  • Net Worth: $300 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, voice artist, screenwriter, producer, director, musician, animator
  • Marital Status: Divorcé
  • Ethnicity: American

Trey Parker Net Worth – How Wealthy Is The “South Park” Creator?

Trey Parker Net Worth And His Early Life

It was estimated that Trey Parker net worth is reaching beyond $300 million, which is truly commendable. He is a renowned animator who has accumulated this massive amount of net worth by working in various fields and proving himself in each of them. He was born on October 19, in year 1969 in the Conifer of Colorado. His mother Randy Parker was a geologist and father Sharon was an insurance agent. As a child, Parker was shy in nature and was scoring a decently during his honors classes. He was a big fan of Monty Python. However, you can feel the influence of Terry Gilliam in his animations work. Parker describes himself as a “big dream kid” who visualized his career in the music and film industry just like Robin Thicke and Run Rev. He loves to shot his family when they are out for weekends. At the age of 17, he recorded a full-length comedy centric video named “Immature: A collection of Love Ballads for the 80’s Man”. He was head of the choir during his high school days. It is interesting to know that this music buff and film geek has also done a part time job in Pizza Hut.

Trey Parker Net Worth And The Rise Of His Career

Trey Parker PicturesParker started his career in animation with Matt Scott when they were at University. “Jesus and Frosty” was their first project, which was premiered in year 1992 at student filming screen. This duo co-wrote and co-directed a black comedy independently called as “Cannibal!:The Musical” that loosely contains instance from the real life of Alfred Packer. “Jesus vs. Santa” was another movie animated by this amazing duo whose story line revolves around the adventurous life of four boys. This comedy movie created a buzz on internet. After spotting this on internet, Parker and Matt got the offerfrom series cable network Comedy Central to animate the biggest hit of their life “South Park”. “South Park” was premiered in year 1997. This show was quite popular amongst the adult audience for its dark humor, sexual content and crude language. Soon, it becomes the highest rated show of the channel. The career of Trey Parker propelled with the success of “South Park” series. Later on this popular duo worked upon “That’s My Bush” which was a fictional show based on person life of George Bush. “Team America: World Police” was a satirical comedy action film which was directed by Parker. In year 2011, Trey released his first religious satire that was “The Book of Mormon”.

Trey Parker Net Worth And His Personal Life

The personal life of Trey is not as cool as his professional life. In year 2006, he married Emma Sugiyama. However, the marriage didn’t worked well and this couple was separated in year 2008. As per the current reports, Parker is in a long-term relationship with Boogie Tillmon and soon they are expecting a child.

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Trey Parker Net Worth Increased With The Success Of South Park Series

Trey Parker is quite popular for co-creating and writing “South Park” which was a dark adult comedy series. It was intentionally made to target the adult audience. It is satire on various topics. This series is having its own important in giving a new standard and fame to the career of this animation genius. It was recorded that “South Park” Series has contributed a big amount in the overall net worth of Trey Parker.