Tony Hawk Net Worth

Tony Hawk Net Worth
How much is
Tony Hawk worth :

  • Full Name: Anthony Frank Hawk
  • Net Worth: $120 Million
  • Occupation: Skateboarder, Actor, Radio Personality, Film Producer,
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: American

Tony Hawk Net Worth – The Affluence of a well known Film producer and Actor

Tony Hawk also known as “The Birdman” is a famous American Skateboarder who has made lots of cash from his career. As at the moment, Tony Hawk net worth stands at $120 million. What a staggering amount! He did not arrive at this level overnight. He worked very hard and suffered some challenges before making the millions.

Tony Hawk Source Of Wealth

The bulk of Tony Hawk net worth came from his career as a Skateboarder. He recorded great feat by reaching up to 900 degrees skateboard spin in one of his appearances. He raked in millions of dollars from the skateboarding profession.  Moreover, the man of the moment also makes millions of dollars as an actor. He has appeared in several American movies. He’s also a film producer and a radio personality.  He has lots of licensed video games to his credit. All of these contribute to his ever increasing net worth.

Early Life And Career Build-Up

Tony Hawk PicturesBorn in California, Tony Hawk started life as a hyperactive child.  He was always looking for some exploration to make as a child. At a very tender age, he got interested in baseball and started making waves.  He was reputed to have a very high intelligent quotient as a child. His parents noticed this quite early and decided to assist him realize his full potentials in life.

As the years roll by, Tony started his career as a skateboarder. As a result of his exploits in the career, he attracted the sponsorship of Baker Skateboard. This further boosted his net worth.

In 2002 there at Las Vegas, the Birdman decided to launch a unique sports exhibition captioned “Boom Boom HuckJam”.  This attracted lots of fortune to him. Furthermore, Tony ventured into TV and Radio shows.  He appeared on several TV shows on various occasions.

Later on, he ventured into the acting business. He performed major roles in some American movies. He made lots of money from most of his endeavors.Tony Hawk Photos

Meanwhile, Tony Hawk has been able to share his wealth with the society. He’s currently involved in a number of philanthropic projects. He has a foundation that caters for the needs of the less-privileged.

Tony Hawk Relationship And Assets

Tony Hawk PhotosTony Hawk has his own side of the marital story just like Tom Selleck, T-Pain, and other celebrities. Along the line of his career development, Tony Hawk’s girlfriend, Cindy Dunbar showed up.  They got married in 1990. However, the marriage hit the rocks 2 years after producing a boy. Later on, Tony married another lady by name, Erin Lee. The marriage ended in divorce in 2004 after producing 2 boys.  Two years after, the Birdman got married for the third time to Lhotse Merriam. The marriage hit the rocks again in 2011. Right now, Tony Hawk is back to singlehood.  Perhaps, he’ll marry again since he has so many money.

When it comes to assets, Tony Hawk is right there. He has a 4000sqft Skate-park that worth millions of dollars.  His house in Southern California is also a multi-million dollar property. Tony rides Lexus LS 600h and many other cars. His net worth remains on the increase.