Tommy Lee Net Worth

Tommy Lee Net Worth
How much is Tommy Lee worth:

  • Full Name: Thomas Lee Bass
  • Net Worth: $70 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper, drummer, actor
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: White

Tommy Lee Net Worth – Learn What The Famous Rapper Is Worth

Tommy Lee net worth is estimated to be 70 million dollars. He is a famous American musician, who has created a great niche in the music industry. He is popularly known for his successful performances with Motley Crue. He is actually the brain behind the group and the drummer too.  With the music group, he boasts 20 albums, which include compilations, studio and live.  Of all these, six managed to get a platinum certification. Besides, he has also performed alone and done exemplarily. Based on that brief account, you may have an idea of just how moneyed Tommy Lee is.

His Rise To Stardom And Riches

Tommy Lee was born in Athens, Greece in 1962, but raised in California. During his childhood years in California, he realized he had a talent in drumming. By then, he was only four years. From that tender age, Tommy knew that music was his career direction. When he was a teenager, he liked to listen to Deep Purple.  They really had an influence on him, since he dropped out of school to form his own band.

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He joined Suite 19 and with the members performed “Sunset Strip” across Los Angeles in the late 70s. During this time, he met Nikki Sixx, who would later become a band member of his music group, Motley Crue. At this time, he decided to change his name to Tommy Lee, a stage name that he has carried all through his career life to date. To form his own band, he recruited Vince Neil and Mick Mars a guitarist. The group came to the public notice in 1983 and they were known for their crazy performances on and off stage. They were also popular with tattoos. Actually, Tommy Lee tattoos are spread all over his body even today.

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With the group, Tommy Lee produced several albums including “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Shout At The Devil”, “Dr. Feel good” and “Saints of Los Angeles” among others.  He also founded Methods of Mayhem a band that sings rap/metal music. It would also interest you to know that he has appeared in his own reality show “Tommy Lee Goes to College” as well as writing a memoir titled Tommyland. His performances with the group and his solo career, has contributed to his net worth.

Tommy Lee’s Life Off Stage

Unlike his music career, his personal life has not been very impressive. He has had problematic marriages, first with Heather Locklear from 1986 to 1993 and later on with Pamela Anderson from 1995 to 1998. He is currently single.

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