Tom Selleck Net Worth

Tom Selleck Net Worth
How much is
Tom Selleck worth :

  • Full Name: Thomas William Selleck
  • Net Worth: $22 Million
  • Occupation: Film Producer, Actor, Television Producer, Screenwriter
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Tom Selleck Net Worth – The Making Of A Film Producer And Screenwriter

Tom Selleck is a popular American film producer who has carved a niche for himself in the American movie industry.  As at the moment, Tom Selleck net worth stands at $22 million. He didn’t arrive at this point overnight.  He actually worked for it. The great film producer remains one of the richest in the American Entertainment industry.

Tom Selleck Source Of Wealth

Tom Selleck made his millions from his career as a film producer.  He has been able to produce hot-selling American films. He also amassed wealth as a famous actor.  He has appeared in popular movies and TV series. He raked in millions of dollars from the roles he performed. He also made quite some cash from his career as a TV producer.

Early Life And Career Development

Born in Michigan with the full name Thomas William Selleck, the famous film producer started life with a promising future. While in the high school, he showed signs of becoming a great personality.  He got a baseball scholarship to study at the University of Southern Carolina.

Tom Selleck’s journey to the entertainment industry started when he played for the USC Trojans. He acted some roles and also did modeling jobs while still in the university.  Later on, he continued his acting career after graduating from the university.

As an upcoming actor then, Tom joined Beverly Hills Playhouse and started appearing on popular shows.  He began to rake in some cash from his career as an actor. He performed minor and major roles in several movies and TV series.

Tom Selleck came to the limelight when he acted as a Private Investigator in the popular TV series know as “The Rockford Files”. His net worth skyrocketed from this point. Later on in 1980, he performed a leading role in another popular TV series known as “Magnum I.P”.  he also appeared in many another TV series as his fame continued to rise.Tom Selleck Photos

Tom Selleck later ventured into Film production. He made lots of money by producing popular films which are still selling like hot cakes across the US.

Tom Selleck’s Relationship And Assets

Tom Selleck PhotosJust like Tim Cook and Tim Duncan, Tom Selleck had great assets. He has an iconic beachfront house in Hawaii. He also has many other houses across the US. The great film producer is a lover of Ferrari cars. He has quite a good number of such automobiles.

When it comes to male-female relationship, Tom has a long story to tell. He first got married to Jacqueline Ray in 1971. The marriage hit the rocks in 1982 and the couple got separated. Later on, Tom Selleck’s girlfriend, Jill Mack showed up. They got married in 1987. The marriage is still on and the couple is blessed with a daughter.

So far, Tom Selleck net worth remains on the increase. The veteran film producer is still waxing strong. He is set to record more feats as the years roll by.