Tom Hanks Net Worth

How much is Tom Hanks worth:

  • Full Name: Thomas Jeffrey Hanks
  • Net Worth: $350 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, writer and filmmaker
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: American

Tom Hanks Net Worth – Multiply Award Winer For Best Actor Who Also Worked As A Direktor With Well-Known Steven Spielberg

Tom Hanks Net Worth

Tom Hanks A Shy Guy Who Does Not Need A Date For Visiting Cinema Or Theatar

Tom Hanks is an American actor, director and writer who was born in Concord, California. His father was an  itinerant cook and mother  was hospital worker. They grandparent emigrated from the UK  and his mother had Portuguese ancestry. He has two brothers and one sister. After their parents got divorced, the younger brother stayed with their mother and Tom and other two went with their father. Tom Hanks studied theater first at Chabot College in Hayward and two years later  transferred to California State University of Sacramento.

He spent a lot of time visiting theatres and cinemas and would often say that he did not need a date to go with him. He needed a time alone to get into the performance completely.

Tom Hanks Pictures He debuted in film in 1979 in a cheap horror thriller ‘He Knows You’re Alone “. Soon after, he moved to Los Angeles, where he worked in several roles in the television series’ Bosom Buddies’, ‘Taxi’, ‘Family Ties’ and TV-movie “Mazes and Monsters’.

Since he has finally heard in 1984 when, along with Daryl Hannah, appeared in the Disney comedy ‘Splash!’ which became a hit. After that he got a few, mostly unsuccessful films, including the comedy ‘Bachelor Party’.

Then in 1988 came ‘Big’ in which he movingly acted boy imprisoned in the body of an adult man. At that time Tom Hank net worth shown on his bank account started to swallow. He’s got a role in the first great film that talked about AIDS, the ‘Philadelphia’. Feigned Andrew Beckett, a homosexual lawyer who is suing his company after having been sacked due to illness.

This was the role which established him as a ‘serious’ actor, and earned him the first Oscar for Best Actor in 1994. Next year he will triumph with the role of a simple, but well-intentioned Forrest Gump. A series of large roles continued with the epic story of ‘Apollo 13’.

Steven Spielberg Impact On His Net Worth

Steven Spielberg brought him back to the big screen in 1998 with the film ‘Saving Private Ryan’. In the same year he was again acting with Meg Ryan in romantic comedy “You’ve got mail ‘. Then Tom Hanks borrowed the voice in the cartoon “Toy Story” and starred in the excellent thriller ‘The Green Mile’, the screen adaptation of the novel by Stephen King.

In 2000 he triumphed at the Golden Globe Awards by winning the Best Actor award. He accomplished this by acting in the Robert Zemeckis drama ‘Cast Away’ for which he had to gain weight and lose weight, somewhere about 20 pounds. Tom Hanks collaborated with Steven Spielberg again on HBO’s miniseries “Band of Brothers” in which events of the Second World War were faithfully described.

His latest project is “Charlie Wilson’s War ‘where, with Julia Roberts and Philip Seymour Hoffman plays patriotic Congressman. All these excellent achievements are the reason why net worth of Tom Hanks is so huge.

Tom Hank’s Longtime Life Partner

Tom Hanks Photos

Tom Hanks first wife was American actress Samantha Lewes. The couple has two children, son  Colin, an actor as well, and daughter Elizabeth Hanks.

For years now, Tom Hanks wife is actress Rita Wilson, whom he met in 1985. Two of them have two children, Chester Marlon and Truman Theodore. Two of them are still together in marriage which last for more than 26 years. Are they going to stay together forever? Feel free to comment below.

Otherwise, as far as the family tree, it is interesting that Hanks is a distant cousin of US President Abraham Lincoln.

If you have been wondering how much is Tom Hanks worth, now finally you have the answer. Do you like Tom Hanks? Which Tom’s movie is your favorite one?

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Tom Hanks Body Statistics Measurements

Tom Hanks Body Statistics:

  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 5
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue